The Weetock Trail

The Weetock trail ( named after the local Indian name for the White Oak River) is the Neusiok Trails's little sister trail.

It is loacted at the south west end of the Croatan NF off of Hwy 58 and is south of Maysville.

The Weetock Trail is 11 miles long and is a point to point trail. Starting and ending along Hwy 58.

Good news..bad news.....

Good news....While the Weetock Trail is a great little trail..
Bad is officially not a trail. While the Croatan NF evens lists it as a hiking trail, they have not given it official status. The Carteret County Wildlife Club which first blazed the route has been working with the CNF to get the trail designated as an official trail. However with all the environmental impact studies, having to get the North Carolina State archaeologist checking the route for archaeological sensitive areas ect ect we are still waiting for official approval of the route or an alternative.
Don't let that stop you from hiking the Weetock.

There are no shelters along this trail. There is no water along this trail except for the streams you may come across so be sure and take water and be prepared to treat any water from streams ect.

This is a wilder area than the section of the Croatan that the Neusiok Trail runs thru so you have a good chance of seeing more wildlife.

This is also a very popular area with hunters so if you are hiking during hunting season, play it safe and wear some blaze orange clothing.

Please practice leave no trace and pack out your trash.

The Careret County Wildlife Club has more information about the Weetock Trail on their site HERE


The northern trail head. Parking is on the side of the dirt road. Look for the sign


The Kiosk was built by a Boy Scout as his Eagle Scout project. There is one at the north and south end of the trail. It is modeled after the ones the CCWLC built for the Neusiok Trail


Yes, that is a beaver lodge. We heard them but did not see any.


Trail Milage