Hammock Camping on the trail

Welcome to the dark side of camping..... We are not talking about your Pawley Island hammock here, we are talking about hi tech hammocks made for camping.

In 2010, the wife and I converted from sleeping in a tent while camping to using hammocks.

As we got older, we found that sleeping on the ground in a tent is not as comfortable as it use to be. We found that sleeping in a hammock is far more comfortable and face it...fun.

Are hammocks prefect...no. There are locations where hammocks can not be used due to a lack of trees, other suitable objects to hang from or due to local regulations at a state park. To be fair, there are places where setting a tent is not possible due to uneven ground, rocks, roots, ect. Also there are some folks who can not make the change to sleeping in a hammock.

I have used my hammocks in a variety of places while car camping and or hiking on the Neusiok and other trails such as the AT and the Uwharries. I have found that hammocks are a great way to camp out along the Neusiok Trail as there are plenty of trees and some great views. There have been times when I have gotten off work when it is dark and then hiked out to one of the three shelter on the trail and set my hammock for the night. My only complaint is that in the AM is that I don't want to get up as I am so comfortable.

If you want to learn more about hammock camping then you should head over to Hammock Forums which is dedicated to all things hammocks. I am Gunner76 on the forum.

If you live in the area and want to learn more about hammock camping then contact me about a free hammock class. I will show you several different hammock setups and go over what you need to know to get started. I have a set up in my back yard where I can set up to 9 hammocks at one time.

The wife and I also hold three group hammock hangs ( where folks camp out in their hammocks and tell tall tales and swap lies, I am not sure if there is a differnce and eat good food ) a year at Mercants Mill Pond State Park North Carolina. This is a great place for folks wanting learn more about hammock camping to expierenced hangers to meet and have a good time and learn more about hammock camping. Don't have a hammock, not a problem as bear fortune cookies ( tents ) are welcome.

image Setup I used at Raven Rock State Park

Medock Mt State Park

On the AT on Springer Mt in July... close to sunset.