Maps of the Croatan NF, The Neusiok Trail and The Weetock Trail

The Weetock Trail is the Nuesiok's Trail little sister trail
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Map # 1: Carteret County hiking trail brouchure

Most of these "trails" are 1 to 2 miles long

Map # 2: Croatan National Forest map

The NT is located on the right hand side

Map # 3: Close up of NT area of map # 2

Map # 4: NF Brouchure of NT

While the brouchure is two pages; the image is of the page with the trail map. The picture of the boardwalk is looking East from Mill Creek Road heading towards Oyster Point.

Map # 5: Pine Cliff section of the trail, about 6+ miles long

I found these maps on Traiangle Outdoods a few years back.
I can no longer find them on their site

Map # 6: Hwy 306 to Hwy 101, about 2.5 miles

I call this The Toad Wallow section of the trail, Lots of boardwalks on this section.

Map # 7: Just south of Hwy 101 to turn off on Deep Creek Rd

The Carteret County Wildlife Clubs is working on getting the trail off the dirt road
( the long straight away on map ) and back into the woods

Map # 8: Turn off from Deep Creek Rd to Blackjack Shelter

This section of trail contains a 3 mile streach that can be very wet and muddy.
Be prepared to get wet

Map # 9 : From Blackjack Shelter to Oyster Point trail head, about 2.5 miles

Lots of great views of salt marsh. I see lots of deer and turkeys along this section

Map # 10: TOPO Map

Notice how flat the area is...

Map # 11: NT Cheat Sheat

I took a copy of a NT map and added the points of interest

Map # 12: A B&W version of Map # 3

Map # 13: Horse Trails in the Pine CLiffs area

Parts of the horse trails overlap the NT so be on the lookout for horse apples
If you are a MT biker you can ride these trails.

Map # 14: My crude attempt

Shows main roads around the trail ... not to scale

Map # 15: Weetock Trail

Notherern section of trail starting at Hwy 58 and heading to Haywood Landing, hilly
The Weetock Trail is the NT little sister trail at 11 miles long and runs along the White Oak River

Map # 16: Weetock Trail

Map # 17: Weetock Trail

Map # 18: Weetock Trail