Useful Links to additional resources

There are more great sources of informaion that I will try and provide links to in the future.
Please feel free to suggest addional links.
Carteret County Wildlife Club

The CCWLC are the folks who built and maintain the trail. Note..I am a member of the Club but I do not receive any finaicial support from them for this site

Croatan National Forest

One of the four National Forest located in North Carolina

Map of Crotan NF and Neusiok Trail

This is a PDF map of the Croatan NF and shows where the Neusiok Trail is located in the NF

Neusiok Trail Brouchure

A Neusiok Trail brouchuer produced by the National Forest.

North Carolina State Parks

Explore the North Carolina State Parks

West Virgina Senic Trail

A site dedicated to the hiking trails in West Virgina. Several years ago, I meet a few of its members who came down here to hike the NT.

Hammock Forums

Since 2006, Hammock Forums has been the go to site for all things dealing with camping with hammocks. I have been a member since 2009.

White Blaze

A forum about hiking the Appalchian Trail

Gorge Rats at Linville

Hikers of the Linville Gorge call themselves Gorge Rats. I frenquently hiked and camped in the Gorge in the early 70's when I lived up there so I guess I was an early Gorge Rat

image TZBrown, Shug, JerryW and Hickery