Showing the way.... Trail Blazes

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"Trail blazing, or trailblazing (way marking in United Kingdom and Ireland), also used in North America, Australia and New Zealand, is the practice of marking paths in outdoor recreational areas with blazes, markings that follow each other at certain though not necessarily exactly defined distances and mark the direction of the trail. Originally a tree would be blazed by hatchet chops (still the dictionary definition) but today other methods, have become more common, with environmental and aesthetic concerns sometimes playing a part in the choice of blazing method. Other navigational aids, such as cairns, are used where blazes are unsuitable"

The Neusiok Trail uses a rectangular piece of aluminum as blazes along the trail. As the Mountain to the Sea Trail ( MST ) follows the Neusiok Trail you will also see a round white disc indicating that you are also on the MST.

The blazes are nailed to the trees about 5 to 6 feet off the ground using aluminum nails that will not destroy chain saw blades if the tree ever has to be cut.

The trail heads, major road crossings and major turns on the trail are also marked with wooded signs so it is very hard to get lost on this trail. If you do not see any trail blazes in front of you then look behind you and you should see at least one blaze. If you do not see a blaze then you are probably off the trail.

While not a blaze, some one has added ( early 2016 ) milage posts along the trail starting with mile 0 at the Oyster Point trail head. These post are about 3 feet high with the mile number routed into the post along with a plastic sign with the GPS coordinates.

In 2017 I replaced / added blazes along the whole trail with the exception of one mile where I was told another member of the club had taken care of.

image A tree with both the Nesiok Trail and MST blaze

What the blazes mean

One of many woodedn directional signs on the trail. This one indicates a major turn on the trail and is located south of Copperhead Landing shelter.