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2019 3rd Annual Frosty Butt Hang was Frosty

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  • 2019 3rd Annual Frosty Butt Hang was Frosty

    We set some new lows at the hang. It got down to 19 degrees which is 3 degrees colder that the last Frosty Butt Hang.

    Time flew by. I was sick the whole hang but toughed it out thanks to the emergency resupply of NyQuil from PappyAmos. Note...when NyQuil and DayQuil are left out below freezing they turn into a molasses like syrup that still taste bad.

    Good size turn out of crazy hammock hangers wanting to hang out in the cold. I believe the total was 17 hangers. It was raining hard Thursday AM on the way to the hang but as soon as we got there at 12:30, it stopped and cleared up. We had hangers from 3 states attend...Maryland, VA and NC. We also had 2 first time hammock hangers ( a Marine and his son ) who also braved the cold. While no one froze, I did hear a couple of hangers did get a bit chilly.

    Lows Thursday night got down to 24, Friday night down to 19 and Saturday night down to 27. If I am wrong, please correct me. At any rate Friday nights low beats the previous low of 22 at Merchants Mill Pond SP.

    Food...seems all we did was eat. The Terminator got to play with her new griddle and is very happy with the money we spent on it ( a Blackstone 22"). She is also no longer a Dutch Oven virgin as she made a cherry and apple cobbler in her DO that has been gathering dust. Still needs to work on the cobbler but they both disappeared real fast. Big thanks to every one who either brought food and or helped to cook it. We had S'gettie, Ham Sandwiches, Pork Loins, Brats and Hot Dogs with excellent home made chili along with grilled onions and bell peppers, Beef Stew, White Chicken Chile, Split Pea Soup, grilled veggies, home bread, sweet potato casserole ( not all at once ). For breakfast's there were pancakes, sausage patties, bacon and scrambled eggs. For Sunday breakfast we had an assortment of breakfast pastries to eat while we broke down camp.

    Fire wood was not an issue this hang as several folks brought wood plus MacDiver and I went to a lumber yard in the area that also sold fire wood. We loaded down my 5x8 ft trailer. Will be going there next hang for wood. The fire was started Thursday afternoon and we got to enjoy the cave man TV all weekend.

    We also had three visitors who would have normally hung with us but due to other commitments could not spend the night but they were able to stop by and visit and share dinner with us.

    Firewood for the cave man TV

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    Steelplayer and Sam

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    My Puzzle Palace

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    My trailer was full of wood

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    Some one was nice enough to bring me an electrical outlet for my electric blanket

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    Some more pictures:

    The cave man TV

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    Phantom Grappler making coffee

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    What my wife looks like when wearing my trapper hat

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    A couple of newcomers to the hang
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