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5th Annual Hunger Halloween Hang at Medoc Mt SP NC 25 - 28 Oct 2018

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  • 5th Annual Hunger Halloween Hang at Medoc Mt SP NC 25 - 28 Oct 2018

    The following folks attended the hang.
    The Terminator; Gunner76; Jeff Wheat; Starfish Comet; PappyAmos; Macdiver; Bobo1234; Tacoma96; Steelplayer; AA2FD; Shari; Angel; Countrybois plus his sons and grandson; Phantom Grappler; Hotlips; KingsFord; Slugger; B-rizzle and wife; Koolranch and daughter; Chicken Wing ( visited ).

    I think I got every one who attended. If I missed anyone, please let me know.

    The Terminator and I got to the hang site on Thrusday just before 1 PM after a 4 hour drive. Sam was glad to get out and check out the woods. As he had been hit by a car a few days before he spent the hang moving slow and sleeping a lot.

    As rain was in the forecast we were trying to make sure we got our shelter up. We used our Hammeck Stands and Squid Billy custom tarp and set up out Puzzle Palace. Lots of room inside once set up.

    PappyAmos showed up with some BBQ and we made lots of great BBQ sandwiches for lunch. That night The Terminator made Brunswick Stew.

    Just as we started fixing breakfast Friday AM it started to rain. Lasted from 8 AM Friday to 2 AM Saturday.
    Figured it was a good day to spend in my hammock and enjoy the sound of rain hitting the tarp and find out if seam sealing job I had done would keep the rain did. While it rained all day, it was not a heavy rain, just constant. Luckily we came prepared as we had lots of popup canopies for everyone to stand / sit under. Even had 3 walls for the cooking popup.

    Steelplayer was talking about going fishing while it was raining. Told him the fish don't care if it is raining.

    Saturday was busy. Had to uncover the smoker and 5 boxes of well aged Pecan and Plum wood and get it going. The Terminator helped to get the butts ready and used some homemade rubs on them. Thought we had brought 5 butts but only brought 4 plus the one Steelplayer brought. Started the butts about 10 AM and it took about 4 hours for them to cook. Forgot my cleavers so had to do pulled pork. The Terminator also did 3 racks of pork ribs. I made 6 different BBQ sauces including a SC mustard style and Sharie and Phantom Grappler both made white BBQ sauces

    I think once lunch stated, we had one continuous meal all day long with Q,chili, cobblers and other assorted items.

    Had some of the adult Boy Scout leaders and a youth group that were also camping out next to us stop by to get a tour of our hammock setups.Hopefully we were able to educate some of them on the proper way to set up and use a hammock as one of the folks said he had been setting up his hammock just as tight as he could so it was all level. A couple of kids in the youth group said they know what they want to find under the Christmas tree this year.

    As we ended up with more Q than we could eat we gave the Boy Scouts that visited some of our extra Q..

    The camp ground hosts visited us and we were glad to see that they are the same folks from this spring. Once again they gave us some free fire wood ( they said it was for Sam I Am ) and we invited them to share our Q which they did. Very nice folks.

    Slugger brought 4 large pumpkins along with a carving kit and the younger crowd had no problem arm deep while digging the guts out the pumpkins and carving faces. Bobo pulled up the Hammock Forums logo on his phone and used it to create a HF pumpkin. Not very scary but still looked great.

    Once it got dark, we moved the pumpkins over to an unused fire pit and Slugger placed toilet paper rolls in side and emptied a bottle of lighter fluid between the 4 pumpkins. We then sacrificed the the pumpkins to the Great Flamming Pumpkin God. The effect of the burning pumpkins was great. Biggest problem was keeping the small kids far enough back so they did not get hurt.

    I though we might have a pumpkin pie smell from the burning pumpkins but it was not to be.
    I did learn a really bad joke at the hang....The diameter of a pumpkin divided by its circumference equals .....pumpkin Pi

    Sunday AM came all too soon and it was sad to see our little community of hammocks and related gear being packed up as folks got ready to head home.