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Hiked the whole Neusiok Trail

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  • Hiked the whole Neusiok Trail

    I have completed a complete thru hike of the Neusiok starting May 7th and completing it on May 8th. I will give you a short report and some pictures. My trail name (self given)- Little Hike Mike.

    Monday May 7th.- Gene Huntsman picked me up at Pine Cliff where I left my truck about 11:00 AM on the 7th and ferried me over to Oyster Point. So I got on the trail about 11:30 AM. I was blessed with cool weather and a nice breeze the whole day. My goal was the Dogwood Shelter for the night. Along the way on Monday I stopped at the Black Jack Shelter for a break. The pump was not working there. From about mile marker 3 to 6.5 it was a ruff go. This section is not for the faint of heart hikers. Lots of water. I treaded through this section and was wondering when I would hit the long forestry road. I seemed like it took me forever to get to this point. Finally I came out. I was really spent so I took a break on the road.

    The forestry road also took some time. I was wondering where the end was. I passed the old boat and kept going. I found the entrance back into the woods on the other forestry road. I knew where it was from another hike I made about 3 weeks ago. But if I hadn't done that hike I might have kept going straight on the long forestry road. The map does indicate this turn but there are no markers or signs. From the 8.7 mile marker I stayed the course and arrived at the Dogwood Shelter at approximately 5:30 PM.

    The shelter was welcome as was the pump there. I enjoyed my stay there and also cleaned up a little when I left the next morning. I didn't use the shelter to sleep in since I hammock camped.

    Tuesday May 8- I got up early (about 5:30 AM) and after breakfast and clean up was off about 7:30 AM.

    The next section I had done twice before. I was happy for the board walks in the section north of Rt. 101. However the water was down compared to the last two times. I arrived at Rt. 306 at about 10:00 AM and took a short break.

    The next section for me was the best. The trail wound thru with rolling ups and downs and it seemed like old growth hardwood and pine forest. The vegetation was really green and some flowers. I arrived at the Copperhead Shelter around noon and had lunch. The view of the Hoogue (?) was nice just sitting there. I got some water and headed out for the final leg and arrived at Pine Cliff about 2:30 PM Again section mile 12 to the end mile 21.7 is the very best the trail has to offer.

    All in all I enjoyed the trip and I would do it again. As for wild life I saw a few snakes- no vipers and lots of butter fly's. Again, God blessed me with cool temps (high 60's) and good breeze. I was a little worried about the heat and I was pleasantly surprised. Any warmer and I believe I would have struggled. Also, I was worried about ticks. I did take every precaution (permetherin treated clothing and gear). I did not see one tick- thank God.

    I will download some pictures of some of the highlights and sent them to you. Please add my name to the hikes hall of fame. Thanks for your care taking of the web site. If I could hike with you some time let me know.

    Click image for larger version

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    Glad you made it and great pictures. Looks like you are using a ULA pack.

    My youngest son called and said he got a new hammock and is coming down next week and wants me to take him camping. Where to go...where to go. Actually I think we will go and hang out along the Neuse River where I took Shug and Hickery.