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  • Team Name....Out of Order

    Received the following from two ladies from Fairmont NC.....

    On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 11:28 AM, Samantha Madsen wrote:

    Good morning,

    I hope this email finds you doing well. I read on the website to email you and let you know that we thru-hiked the NT from March 23-25.

    We arrived at Pine Cliff Recreation around 5:30 pm on the 23rd via Mrs. Sue Huntsman. She picked us up at Reece's Chapel and delivered us to the trailhead. She's a very nice lady and filled us in on the history of the trail. We hiked to the first shelter that evening. When we arrived there was a family at the shelter so we set up our tent a few feet from the shelter. Not long after we arrived, a group of scouts came in. Those kids were having a great time!

    Finally got to sleep, it was COLD! Survived the night, and packed up and headed out. So glad we did this hike very early in the spring. I'm sure the boardwalk was named Cottonmouth Spa for a reason. There were many muddy spots on the trail that took some finesse to navigate. I was very glad that I took my poles on this trip. After a very long day, we arrived at Black jack Shelter. Once again, we were greeted by scouts. Apparently, one of them had fallen in to one of the mud holes. As soon as we got our tent up, it started raining. Talk about timing, lol. Even with the rain, it was not nearly as cold as it was Friday night. We slept like babies with the sound of the rain hitting our tent.

    Bright and early the next morning, we broke down camp to head out as we wanted to make it to Reece's Chapel for their morning worship service. The last leg of the trail was nice clear hiking. We made it to Reece's Chapel with time to spare and sat in the car and warmed up a bit before going in.

    All in all, a wonderful, unique hike. You're fortunate to have such a picturesque trail near you.

    Happy trails,

    Samantha Gromme and Kammeron Polverari
    (2 middle aged moms trying to section hike the MST) we have a team trail name, "Out of Order"