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    Got a call from someone needing a shuttle ride. Turned out to be a fellow hammock hanger I know from Blowing Rock NC - Grits. He is currently doing the MST ( Mountain to the Sea Trail ) here in North Carolina. We met a few years ago a Mt Rogers Hang.

    Picked him up this AM at Oyster Point and took him to where he wanted to start his hike; the Hwy 101 parking lot. Made a detour to show him some of the trail he was not going to be hiking due to recent reroutes of the MST. Sam the puppy and I accompanied Grits for part of his hike and then Sam and I hiked back to the car. I surprised Grits by waiting for him at one of the points where the trail crosses a Forest Service Road so I could take some pictures.

    As it has been raining the past couple of days the trails are flooded in many areas and it was starting to rain again, that can make for some wet hiking. Of course Sam did not mind the rain as he was having a blast running thru the water.

    Grits later texted me to let me know he completed his hike for the day and did not have to do any swimming on the trail although parts of it were close to knee deep.

    Grits at Oyster Point parking lot

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    At Dogwood Shelter where Sam and I left Grits to continue on his hike. I think I was slowing him down.

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    You only see these flowers in early spring and they are only a couple of inches tall

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    Of course Sam has to play in the water. Much of the trail is flooded due to the rain.

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    I surprised him by waiting for him where the trail comes out on Billfinger Rd

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