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  • Wandering1*

    Received email as follows:

    On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 9:09 PM, Jimmy Carr wrote:
    I just finished Section 17 of the Mountains to Sea Trail and that of course includes the Neusiok Trail. Since I was alone and could not find a service that would take me from my vehicle (at one end) to the other to start the hike I had to park and hike half way in and back on two separate days. Here’s how I did it and info to go with it

    3.6.2018 I parked at the north end of the trail at the Pine Cliff Parking Lot and hiked to where the trail came out on Forest Rd 147 and then hiked back to my vehicle. It was a nice hike most of the day. The weather was overcast, but not particularly cold or windy. However, before I got back to the Road Crossing at Road 306 a light and steady rain began. I came with a rain jacket in my pack, so I was prepared. The trail was very well groomed. The highlight of the day was that I think I scared up a bear near the very small pond just north of Forest Rd 147. Never actually saw the bear, but clearly heard and saw the results of it charging through the underbrush like a bear getting away! Much different sound than the loping through the underbrush of the deer I scared up earlier. I then drove down to Oyster Point Campground and camped there, while it rained pretty much all night.

    3.7.2018 I got up early and was on the trail by 7:30 since it was right there at the campground. BTW, a wonderful and well-kept campground! Hiked out to Forest Rd 147 before lunch. Only between Mile 4 and 5 was there any mud issues to navigate. I will say the long walk on Forest Rd 169 was not uneventful. Although, it seems that the locals use these Forest roads as their garbage dumps I could not believe that someone had dumped a full-size cabin boat on the road side! That’s brazen of them! From a distance, when I finally figured out that it was an abandoned boat and NOT a Forest Service Truck on the side of the road, I noticed an animal that had come out of the woods and was slinking down the road toward the boat. I could not make it out. It was too small to be a deer and about the right size to be a smaller sized dog, but it did not walk like a dog and when it got wind of me (or saw me) it ran into the woods. When I got to the place where I saw it cut into the woods, I took pictures of the prints and cross referenced them on line. They were prints of a wildcat. Ate lunch at the big “X” I had made the day before where the trail comes out onto Forest Road 147 and then hiked back to my campsite packed up and left.

    This is a great trail and would highly recommend it to others, especially during this time of year when the weather is great for hiking and there are no bugs or snakes out!

    The name is Jimmy Carr / trail name is Wandering1 I am from Charlotte NC / 62 yrs old

    Jimmy Carr
    Charlotte, NC
    Sent from my Window’s Surface
    We should take wandering outdoor walks, so that the mind might be nourished and refreshed
    —Seneca, On Tranquility of Mind, 17.8

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    Great trip report. It is sad but folks every where use the National Forest as a dump. I checked that sail boat for any ID and who ever dumped it took great care to remove all numbers that could have been used to trace it back to its owner. I often see furniture, TV ect dumped out in the area.