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2018 Grayson SP VA Winter Hang

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  • 2018 Grayson SP VA Winter Hang

    The trip report on Hammock Forums can be found here....

    Hammock Hangers have been holding a winter hang at Grayson SP VA for about 12 years now. While the camp ground is closed to camping this time of year, the park service makes an exception and allows us to camp at the group site so if the weather gets really bad ( and it has happened ). we have a place we can take shelter at. We had about 24 folks show up for this hang.

    My schedule finally allowed me to attend. Had planned to go up there on Thursday but the snow storm down here prevented me from leaving until Friday. While cold, the roads were clear. Left home at 8 AM and got up there about 3 PM. 385 mile drive. Took Sam the dog with me.

    Finally got to see the Mt Roger wild ponies as they were grazing along the side of the main park road. One came up to our car door and Sam started barking at the this strange looking "dog".

    Once I arrived at the camp site I set up my hammock and prepared for a cold and windy night. Talked to some friends I had not seen in awhile while Sam made sure he got to meet everyone. Fixed a DIY dehydrated meal. Forgot to label it so I am not sure what it was. Needed a bit of salt and pepper for taste but at least it was hot.

    Because of the high winds ( sounded like a freight train going thru the site ) and expected low temps, I set up Sam's sleeping bag inside my car on the rear seat where he travels with a couple of hand warmers inside the bag...he sleeps on top so I was not worried about him eating the warmers. When I got up to answer natures call about midnight and went to let Sam do the same, he did not want to get out of the car as he was sleeping on top the hand warmers.

    About 1 AM I woke up thinking something was wrong and relized the winds had stopped. About 3:30 AM I woke up again as the winds started up again.

    Saturday, we had a raffle to raise money to pay for the firewood and porta potty. Dinner a a group meal with lots of good eats. Toured the different hammock setups and showed of the Cord Claws I was using with my tarp ( Note: the seller has just renamed them to Nama Claws ). Pretty much spent the day taking Sam for walks and talking to the fellow hangers.

    Got down to 28 degrees....not real cold ( it got colder down here on the Neusiok while was camping out about a week prior ) but the wind did a good job of sucking the warmth out of you.

    My hammock set up kept me warm and toasty. I did have to reset my tarp as the high winds pulled up one stake and loosen another. Had some winter boots but never needed them. Not much snow on the ground and most of it was gone by Saturday.

    Saturday night was much calmer with just a breeze and it only got down to 36 degrees. Got up about 5 AM to let Sam out of the car to do his thing and he did want to get back in so I went ahead and broke down camp and left for home.

    My set up for this hang was a 13 Ft DIY 4 season tarp using a CRL with Nama Claws and a Dutch Wasp
    Hammeck custom built EnvyS 11 ft long 64" wide DL hammock with a top cover
    0 degree XL RevX TQ by Enlighten Equipment
    7/8 length 20 degree UQ with 2oz overstuff by UGQs
    FL 0 degree Underquilt with 2 ox overstuff by Big Turtle
    Warbonnet XL Sock

    It was warm enough Saturday night I had to start taking off cloths and vent as I was too warm in the hammock. I left the sock open both nights. Condensation was not a problem.

    As soon as I can review and edit my photos I will post them.

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    Sound like you had a good time. I was curious when you mentioned that you took Sam along, and how you setup his "digs". Car sounds like a good option for a dog. I have not taken my dog with me yet on a hiking trip but will at some point and I think tent camping would work well with a pet as he is accustomed to sleeping on our bed "spoiled". Maybe I can make him a dog hammock underneath me so he can hang too. lol.


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      Sam is also spoiled as he sleeps on ( and sometimes takes over ) our bed.

      For backpacking I take a small doggy dome tent and a pad for him to sleep in/on. When car camping I take a large soft crate, a foam pad to put under the crate, an old sleeping bag and a cheap tarp to wrap around crate and block the wind. He has used the tent down into the high 30's and the crate down the 22 degrees. I took a new tarp to wrap the crate with and the tarp turned out to be too small so I decided to let him sleep in the car. I have a hammock style back seat cover where he rides and with the sleeping bag he stayed warm.

      I don't do tents anymore so that is not an option for me but works well for many folks who do.

      Most large dogs like Sam do not like hammocks. I gave up trying to get Sam to stay in a hammock. All the dogs I know of that sleep in hammocks with their owners tend to be small dogs under 20 lbs. I sure their are large dogs that like to sleep in hammocks. I just have not seen any. Don't forget you will still need to provide some type of insulation under the hammock to keep your dog warm.