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Woozles and trail blazes

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  • Woozles and trail blazes

    Got an email from Gene Huntsman asking for a volunteer(s) to replace trail blazes along the section of the trail south of the Hwy 101 parking lot. As I had planned to hike this section anyway I said I would do it.

    Took my dog Sam along with me as he likes to go run in the woods. Stopped by Gene Huntsman place and picked up some more blazes and aluminum nails ( we use aluminum nails as they do not tear up chain saws like a steel nail will ). Wore a blaze orange baseball hat as it is hunting season. I wear a carpenters belt with pouches as I found it is ideal for carrying the nails and blazes and allows easy access. I carried the excess in my backpack.

    Sam had a great time running back and forth smelling the smells and sniffing the sniffs as I replaced worn out blazes and or added new ones.

    Went about 1.5 miles in when we heard we some gunshots. Scared Sam as he quickly ran back behind me looking in the direction the shots came from and would not leave my side until we turned around.. Told him that the woozles were out there.

    Turned around and headed back to Hwy 101 and continued to replace blazes. Anytime we came to water Sam would check it out and at one boardwalk bridge he jumped off into the stream only to find out it was deeper than he thought as he went under. He stayed in the stream for a couple on minutes running back and forth.

    Did not see anyone on the trail. Was a great day for a hike, Very cool...high 40's and clear with a slight breeze.