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    Received the following email:

    On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 9:33 AM, Robert O'Connor wrote:
    I thru hiked the trail yesterday. Started at oyster point, didn't realize part of the trail was closed. I assumed since it was memorial day none of the forest rangers would be around so I hiked through the work zone, looks like they are increasing the size of the road for either a bigger road or just a larger fire break. The 10 mile section, probably due to lack of traffic's because it was partly closed down had a lot of over growth covering the trail at some points. On the bright side it's the first time if hiked that section without a third of it being under water. I've included a link to the GPS tracking I use.

    Thanks for keeping up this website, it was a great resource when I started hiking this trail.

    Robert O'Connor

    I hiked with MapMyHike! Distance: 21.92mi, time: 09:16:34, pace: 25:24min/mi, speed: 2.36mi/h.

    As Deep Creek Rd has not been graded in some time the forest service was probably filling in the potholes and clearing the brush on the sides of the road as it was getting a bit overgrown.

    I sent him a follow up question...How were the deer flies, I took the dog for a hike at Oyster Point this past Thursday and we got run off the trail due to the number of deer flies.

    If the yellow flies are the deer flies they were bad for most of the oyster point section, my bug spray seemed to keep them from biting, but they were annoying buzzing all around. They cleared up for the most part once I crossed Mill Creek Rd, the only other time they were a bother was a few spots along the 2 miles or so of the dirt road, I assumed it was from where they were clearing the trenches on the sides of the road. I expected some more by some of the water, the little lake after the dirt road before 101, or the creeks the trail runs next in the 101 to 306 section and the pine Cliff section, cause at oyster point they seemed to be worst by the water, but I didn't notice them at all there.