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    Sam the dog and I hiked the Deep Creek Rd to Alligator Tram Rd section of the trail to day. Did it as an out and back. Wanted to test a new pair of water proof boots to find out just how water proof they are. far so good, Went thru some wet sections that were more mud than water but the boots did not leak.

    At one point Sam managed to run by me at just the right time as I was stepping over some tree roots causing me loose my balance and take a tumble. I was not hurt, just glad no was there to see it. Between the ground being soft and the boots not allowing my ankles to bend, it took me a minute to stand back up. Of course Sam decided to watch with a look of ...why are you on the ground. Once he saw I was upright he proceeded to do what he does best which is to run back and forth along the trail. If he gets too far ahead all I have to do to get him to come back is to turn around and start walking the other way, once he sees my walking the other way, he rushes back to me.

    Need to go back and take a saw and loppers to do some trail maintenance as there are lots small trees and branches that need to be cut back along this section.