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Group Effort 10 & 11 Dec

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  • Group Effort 10 & 11 Dec

    Received via email.....


    It was great meeting you last weekend on the trail!
    • We started the trail at pinecliff recreation area
    • Stopped for lunch at copper head landing:
    • Camped at dog wood shelter
    • Ended the trip at oyster point.
    • The trail was awesome from pinecliff to dogwood.
    • After our section on the forest road the trail got a bit narly but was a blast though I am glad I was hiking through the muddy section on the day out and not day 1

    Names of people on the trip:
    1. Kurt Host –Chapel Hill NC 10-11 Dec
    2. Flora Chapel Hill NC 10-11 Dec
    3. Jedediah Seltzer Chapel Hill NC 10-11 Dec
    4. Ethan Ramirez NC 10-11 Dec
    5. Avery Cheves Carrboro NC 10-11 Dec
    6. Evan Avery Charlotte NC 10-11 Dec
    7. Joscelyn Seaton Charlottesville VA 10-11 Dec
    8. Haley S. Charlottesville VA 10-11 Dec



    Admin Note: This is one of the two groups I ended up camping out with at Dogwood Shelter. See my report for pictures