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Trail Run ( received report Dec 2017 )

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  • Trail Run ( received report Dec 2017 )

    Received this 2 years after the run/hike

    From: Dustin Thiesse


    I was looking up the neusiok trail online and came across your website with a list of people who have hiked the entire trail.

    A friend of mine (Travis Wallen) and I (Dustin Thiesse) ran the entire trail a couple of years ago on December 26th, 2015.

    We started around 130pm at oyster point and finished up at the Pinecliff trailhead around 6pm (yes, in the dark). Conditions that day were cool, but not cold, and clear skies.

    It was the first time on any of the trail for both of us. Our adventure started off well enough with the first couple miles being very flat and easy going. Then we ran into a very long stretch of trail with frequent sections that were completely inundated with 3"+ of water. We quickly realized our feet would not be staying dry, and just powered through it. Then we came across the couple miles of following pink survey tape hung from trees and bushes following maybe where a future trail had been scouted out. By the time we got to the gravel fire road, we were mentally ready to quit. We decided to forge ahead, and lucky for us the going got a lot easier from there. The rest of the way was pretty uneventful. We were quite happy to see the sections with all the long boardwalks over the marshy areas. And I enjoyed the interesting change in the surrounding foliage once you get nearer the Neuse River and Hancock Creek. My partner and I had split up long ago and we decided to each go our own pace (I was ahead of him). By the time I arrived at the beach it was already dark. I found some of this trek to be difficult in the darkness as I could no longer rely on the light from my headlamp to catch a glimpse of the metal trail markers or white paint on trees to guide me along and I was afraid I'd miss a trailhead going back into the woods at some point. I was relieve to finally get off the beach and back onto an actual trail and finished up at a nice picnic shelter.

    I didn't know what to expect from this trail before I ran it, but I must say, for the area that it's in, it offers a nice variety of challenges and is definitely not a cakewalk. There are a decent amount of "hills" to keep it interesting and enough terrain change to keep my feet from being too fatigued. I find myself returning to the NT a couple times a year when I'm in the area visiting my in-laws (along with the trails at Flanners Beach).

    I'm curious to know if the area we went through that had a "trail" marked with tape has been made into an actual trail over the past couple of years.

    Our information:

    Dustin Thiesse - Midlothian, VA
    Travis Wallen - Star Tannery, VA

    oh, and I found our Strava logs

    I don't know if those links actually work though.

    Dustin Thiesse