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Welcome NT forum users & TSH members and fanciers.

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  • Welcome NT forum users & TSH members and fanciers.

    I am one of the Admins with Tarheel State Hangers group. Just wanted to greet anyone here checking out this forum. Please visit our Facebook page and join if you haven't already and feel free to post here any questions or event that you visited. I encourage all nebie hammock campers to attend a group event anywhere. Let them know you are new and get ready for all the great tips, tricks and tour of all the different styles, brands and set ups. Thank you to the Neusiok Trail forum for adding us a special TSH section. Let the journey begin! See you down the trail or in the trees....
    Hangsgiving Group hang at Morrow Mountain State Park

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    I am the owner of the forum and a member of the TSH ( along with White Blaze and HammockForums ) and hope the TSH members find this site useful. I use the name Snowlizard as my admin name for this site and many of you may know me better as Gunner76.

    A few weeks ago I reached out to Mooseman and offered the group some space on my forum for the TSH as I know using FaceBook while being popular can be a pain to try and find a past topic

    This forum is free to join but I do hope you find it useful enough to donate a few dollars to help pay for the operating costs.

    If you come across any thing that needs to be changed, added ect, please let me or Mooseman know.

    As the owner of the forum I do not allow discussions about guns, sex, politics and religion. There are plenty of other forums for such items.