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I have a gripe against the MST site

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  • I have a gripe against the MST site

    This request rubbed me the wrong way. They have deleted the link to my web site twice and the one to the Carteret County Wildlife Club at least once. I have sent corrections to the MST when I have found errors about the trail in the past but I don't think I will do so in the future.

    Received following email:
    From: C-------

    On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 4:09 PM, C----------> wrote:

    I am sure you are aware of the event but I stumbled across your webpage and wanted to make sure!

    The Mountains-to-Sea Trail stretches the length of North Carolina, from Clingmans Dome in the mountains to Jockeys Ridge on the Outer Banks. The trail is 1,175 miles long and some of it you can even paddle! This year will mark the 40th anniversary of the MST and with that comes a great event that you can be a part of. On Saturday September 9, 2017people across the state of North Carolina will be hiking and paddling different segments of the Mountain To Sea Trail and we are pushing to get the entire trail covered in one single day to celebrate! I am the segment leader for the Outer Banks (Segment 18) and have noticed that Segment 17 (in your area) is low on participants.

    If you can help promote in any way please do!

    Thank you,


    My reply.....

    On Aug 8, 2017, at 9:31 PM, Greg Wheat wrote:
    I might be inclined to help out but since you ( The MST site ) removed the link to my website and to the Carteret County Wildlife Club's web site ( the CCWLC built and maintain the Neusiok Trail ) from the MST site, I really have no reason to help at this time.

    If the links to both or either sites are on the MST site I can not find them.

    And the reply I received......

    "I am just a volunteer but will touch base with the FMST coordinators about your links."

    We will see how this plays out. If they don't want to play nice then I will have to think long and hard if I will continue to help promote their site when they will not link back to me.

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    I've sent you a reply as the Administrator but I wanted to repeat it here. I just went to the MST site to check out your above post; I've been with the FMST since 1998 and am the author for the Segment 10 Trail Guide, Eno River State Park to Falls Lake Dam. If you go to the Trail Guide for Segment 17 (Which includes the Neusiok Trail). and scroll down to Pg. 6 and 'Additional Information' you'll notice that there are links for both the Cataret County Wildlife Club site and your Neusiok Trail site. These links are functional as I was able to get to both websites by clicking on them. As I said I've got a vested interest in the FMST organization and want to correct any misinformation about them.
    I enjoy your very helpful site a lot as I've hiked the trail over a half dozen times including a thru hike in April of 2003.


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      My apologies. I made a mistake and thank you for letting me know.