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Foot Hills Trail Hike 21 - 31 March 2017

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  • Foot Hills Trail Hike 21 - 31 March 2017

    I plan to hike the Foot Hill Trail located in South Carolina in a few weeks. If anyone wants to join me for all or part of the hike then please feel free to join me.

    My puppy Sam ( a lab mix who is 9 months old and weighs in at 100 lbs ) will be hiking with me ( or in his case, I will hike and he will run back and forth ). He has his own doggy backpack and will be carrying his own food and other items.

    I plan to take to my time and only plan on hiking 10 miles a day. If I can hike faster or longer each day then great but I am only planning on 10 miles. Have to face the fact am not 20 anymore.

    Dates: 20 – 31 March 2017

    Plan to drive to Table Rock SP in South Carolina on the 20th and spend the night.

    On the 21st I plan to stash some food and supplies along the trail for resupply. Get shuttle to Oconee SP that afternoon and start hike. First day I only plan to hike about 4 miles.

    I am allowing myself 8 full days to hike this trail although I hope I can do it in less.

    If anyone who is familiar with the trail has any suggestions and or words of wisdom then please share.
    18 years old with 45 years of experience

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    Well, my trip got cancelled. Started having lots of pain in the gut a week before the hike and after a bunch of tests I have been diagnosed with a bad gall bladder. I am looking at have it removed in a few weeks.


    At least all my trip planning ect is already done so I still plan to do the hike sometime in the future.


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      Hey Gunner, I saw your initial post and your planned trip. Sorry to hear about your cancellation and the heath issue. I would be interested when you re-schedule. Perhaps end of April.


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        I will let you know.
        18 years old with 45 years of experience