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3rd Annual Frosty Butt Hang Medoc Mt SP NC 24 Thursday - 27 Sunday; January 2019

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  • 3rd Annual Frosty Butt Hang Medoc Mt SP NC 24 Thursday - 27 Sunday; January 2019

    3rd Annual Frosty Butt Hang> at Medoc Mt State Park NC > 24 Thursday - 27 Sunday; January 2019

    Normally Medoc Mt State Park's group sites are closed for the winter but I filled out a special use permit form and we have gotten permission to camp out in January. I think the park staff was kind of surprised that anyone would want to camp out in the dead of winter when its cold. So the Frosty Butt Hang is back after a one year hiatus.

    What: 3rd Annual Frosty Butt Hang

    When: 24 Thursday - 27 Sunday; January 2019

    Where: Medoc Mt State Park NC Group Site # 3

    Sign up HERE so we know who is coming for meal planning ect. There is a link to the Meal Planning page at the bottom of the sign up sheet.

    Who: Anyone who wants the chance to camp out in the cold. Don't know if it will snow, but we can always hope. Tenters are welcomed.

    Cost: $10 per person or 3 bundles of firewood.

    Firewood: We will need lots of firewood. If anyone has a source then we might be able to order a load locally for the cave man TV and to help keep us warm.

    Restrooms: We should have access to the restrooms and showers at the group site. I have to call this Thursday ( the person I need to talk to is off till then ) to confirm

    Cooking: Plan on group meals. Think simple, easy to fix stuff like chili, stews ect. Want to try and keep meal prep and clean up simple. As usual, The Terminator and I will provide Thursday nights meal and Friday AM's breakfast. No Hotlips or Kingford to help with the cooking as they went south for the winter .

    Temperatures in January here in eastern NC can be flicked. Hot one day and freezing cold the next. Maybe snow. Lets hope for cold and snow. The coldest temperatures we have had at a Frosty Butt Hang was 22 degrees. The record low for the area in January appears to be 0 degrees (F).

    So if you are coming make sure you bring your cold weather gear. I have some extra gear I might lend out on a case by case basis, contact me and let me know what you might need to borrow.

    If you are new to cold weather hanging, then check with a more experienced hanger at the hang so we can look over your set up and see if you look good. We want everyone to have a good time and stay warm. Freezing while you are trying to sleep is not my idea of a good time.

    Tips on staying warm at night:
    ...Eat a candy bar just before going to bed to give your body some fuel.
    ...Hand warmers can make a big difference between staying warm or being cold.
    ….Some folks like to keep a hot water bottle in the hammock with them, just make sure the lid is on tight.
    ...Layers. A couple of layers of clothing can help keep you warm at night as long as they are loose. Tight fitting clothes will restrict blood flow and make you colder.
    …Fleece gloves can help keep you hands and fingers warm.
    ….Down beanie and or balaclava to keep the brain housing group warm.
    ….A pillow to provide insulation for the head
    ….Extra blanket / sleeping bag / TQ
    ….Use a FL and a ¾ length UQ.
    ….Use a hammock sock, UQ protector and or Top cover
    ….I would suggest an electric blanket but I can never find that tree with the electric outlet when I need it..
    Check out Shug's UTube Videos as he has some great videos of camping in the cold.