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6th Annual Halloween Flaming Pumpkin Hang at Medoc Mt State Park>NC>23-27 Oct 2019

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  • 6th Annual Halloween Flaming Pumpkin Hang at Medoc Mt State Park>NC>23-27 Oct 2019

    This will be the 6th Annual Halloween Flaming Pumpkin Hang and it is being held at Medoc Mt SP NC 23 – 27 October ( Wednesday – Sunday ).
    Group sites 1 and 2 have been booked. It's still the middle of May as I write this so I thought I had plenty of time to reserve Site 3 but when I went online to do so I found someone had beat me to it. So...we will be using Site 2 as our main site for cooking, camp fire ect. Site 1 is reserved for Friday and Saturday nights and will be our overflow site. The Terminator and I drove up to Medoc MT to double check the sites and by our count there are more than enough trees to go around. To be on the safe side I recommend that if you have a stand; please bring them just in case. We will be setting up our Puzzle Palace and we will have one extra stand to lend out.

    Group site # 2 is booked for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Group Site # 1 is booked for Friday and Saturday nights.

    Some trivia...the first group hang at Medoc Mt SP was at Site 1 and hosted by 8Ball.

    SIGN UP HERE ….to let us know who is attending, meal planning and if you can help with the meals. Scroll to the bottom of the sign up page to find the link to the meal sign up sheet.

    Fire Wood...we have found a good source for fire wood for the cave many TV at at a lumber yard close to the park so we will need to make sure we can get some pumpkins to carve and sacrifice to the flaming pumpkin gods. Slugger did a great job of providing some great pumpkins last year.

    We usually do group meals every day. The Terminator and I will do Thursday nights dinner and Friday breakfast. At this time I am not planning anything for Wednesday night until I find out if any one(s) other than myself and the Terminator will be there that day. No one is expected to feed the whole crowd. See who has signed up to bring what for the various meals and bring something to compliment such as sodas, OJ, salad ect.

    The sites are a very short walk from the parking lot.

    There is a men's and women's restroom ( with showers ) next to the parking lot.

    There is water available next to the restrooms.

    While there are no alligators here...there are snakes ( just ask our dog Abby about how she got her trail name of Snake Bite ). There are lots of hiking trails available, Mt Biking and fishing and while I have been told you can canoe / kayak the creeks, they looked too shallow to me.

    For those who have not been to Medoc MT, the group sites are located at the southern end of the park.

    Tenters are welcomed. Attend the hang and let us try to convert you to a tree hugger.

    This is a family friendly hang.

    If you have never attended a group hang but want to but do not have the gear then let us know. Many of us have extra gear we will be happy to lend you for the weekend. We may even have a vendor show with gear to show off. Even if you can not spend the night you are still welcome to stop by and visit and check out our rigs.

    There are a few stop and robs stores close by to the park but the closest grocery stores are about 30+ minutes away.

    Requested donations toward the cost of the hang is $20 per person for the weekend. This donations go to cover the cost of the fire wood ( $50 ) and the cost of the group sites ( $390 ).

    Medoc MT SP is located about 10 miles east of I 95 and is about 60 miles north west of Raleigh. If you have questions about how to get there, please ask.

    Note..the park office is located at the northern end of the park while the campgrounds are at the southern end. While the park says they lock the gates at night ( about 8 PM I believe ), they have not done so during the past few hangs here.

    Cell phone coverage is usually pretty good but you mileage may vary.

    From the park:
    Medoc Mountain State Park is located in Halifax County, 21 miles south west of Roanoke Rapids, 23 miles north of Rocky Mount and 26 miles north east of Louisburg. Off I-95, take exit 160 at NC 561 west and travel nine miles to the park. Turn left on S.R. 1322 (park entry sign at this location) which will bring you to the park office,located one mile south and on the right.

    Medoc Mountain State Park
    1541 Medoc State Park Road
    Phone 252-586-6588
    Longitude: -77.888300

    I will post a large yellow “Hammock Hang” sign where the road turns to the right to the group sites.

    We had hangers from 3 states ( NC, SC and VA ) at our last hang, maybe this time we can hangers from 4 states to attend.