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Drinking Water on the trail

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  • Drinking Water on the trail

    One of the most frequent questions I get is " where I can get water while hiking ?"

    The easy answer is to bring your own and I always recommend bringing some water with you while hiking and or camping along the trail..

    Many people will stash a gallon water near a trail/road crossing

    There is no drinking water at the Pine Cliffs Recreation area. The Neuse River at this point is brackish so your water filter will probably not filter the salt.

    There is drinking water at the Oyster Point Campgrounds next to the Oyster Point Trail head.

    There is a pitcher manual water pump at each of the shelters. You must prime the pump by pouring about a quart of water inside the top of the pump and then pump for about 30 seconds to get the water flowing. Once the water is flowing, keep pumping for about a minute to clear any old water out of the pump. . There should be several jugs of water at the shelters that you can use to prime the pump. Be sure and refill these jugs for the next hiker. This water is not filtered and not tested so you may want to filter it before drinking it although I have drunk it straight from the pump with no problems.

    You will cross several creeks and ponds during your hike. If you get water from any of these be sure to filter before drinking. While the pumps were installed and are maintained by the Carteret County Wildlife Club, they are not responsible for the quality of the water short...drink at you own risk. These pumps do break which is why I recommend you carry water with you. If you find a pump is not working then please report to me at gswheat at so I can pass the information to the Wildlife Club.
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    One of the water pumps with priming jugs

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    What is the current status of water pumps at the shelters? Are they in working order? Thanks for any updates!


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      During the past few weeks when I have checked, they were all working. All the priming jugs of water were empty at Blackjack but there is a creek about 200 feet heading NW where you can get water.