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Filtering Water

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  • Filtering Water

    Interesting article on filtering water along the AT

    I figure is applies to most back packing situations.

    None of the water filters I use will filter viruses.

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    Do you ever filter water along the trail or do you usually just stick to the water from the pumps?


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      I always recommend filtering water you obtain in the woods before drinking although I must admit I have never done so myself and so far have never had any issues.

      I will bring water from home and if I need more I get it from the pumps. I carry small packets of Lemon Aid mix to add to the water. I have not filtered the pump water but you could. I am on well water and use to the taste so to speak. There are a few streams / creeks that cross the trail that you could get water from and filter. Just beware that some of the creeks you cross along the northern section of the trail may be brackish ( including the Neuse River ) and I do not know of any hiker usable filters that will filter salt


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        I'm just trying to plan for a few days out there and I know I go through water at the cyclic rate so carrying water for the whole trip will likely not be an option for me. I will try to identify fresh water sources and pass the information along!


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          You can also stash water at road crossings which is what many people do. Just be sure to go back and pick up the empties.