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Copperhead Landing Shelter water pump working

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  • Copperhead Landing Shelter water pump working

    Just got word that the water pump at Copperhead Landing shelter has been fixed and is working again.

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    An email from Gene Huntsman on what it took to get that pump fixed ( its about a two mile hike to get to this water pump )....

    From: Gene & Sue Huntsman:

    Many, many thanks Mike. Hikers really appreciate the pumps. Amazingly it took four people and three trips in to get that pump back in business. Maybe six people and four trips. . Roger and Gini reported the nature of the main problem on one trip in. Sue and I went in and replaced the main pump body and flapper/check valve. Then I rebuilt the plunger assembly and handle etc. at my house. Then Bob Austin walked in and put the rebuilt upper in place, And you finally did the necessary secondary tightening of the pump body to the base. Thanks again