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    Until now the person or persons responsible for installing the mile makers along the trail has been a mystery. No More. I received an email with the following info:

    These were installed by Shane Braswell (Troop 61 Newport, NC) and other scouts for Shane's Eagle Scout service project, which was approved by the forestry station in New Bern.
    Two of the markers.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0069.JPG Views:	1 Size:	14.9 KB ID:	420

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0064.JPG Views:	1 Size:	9.0 KB ID:	421

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    I'm assuming these are actually mile makres, eg the distance from #15 to 16 is 1 mile, from 16 to 17 is 1 mile, etc. Using that assumption, and having a pretty good grasp on my typical hiking pace, I've gotten the impression that the 2.2 miles to the Copperhead Landing Shelter sign at the trail entrance on Ferry Road is incorrect. My times between the mile markers indicate they're accurate. However the time from Marker 17 and the shelter, which should be something near .2 miles, is more indicative of .8 to 1 mile. I was thinking of making the hike this morning and using "map my run" app to get an idea of the distance, but the weather isn't really encouraging. Anyone used a similar app or a gps to verify the distance? (The other day I did notice that someone had written "3" above the 2.2 on the sign at the shelter).


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      I do not know what technique was used to measure the distance between the mile makers but I assume it was some sort of GPS device. All the milage posted on the wood signs are approximate. Most of the wooded signs were posted before I started hiking the trail.

      This past year I have been out with my surveying wheel, measuring the trail ( I think it was last done about 10 years ago ). Just have to wheel the Hwy 306 to PCRA and I will be finished. I have found that the mile markers are off from the readings I got from my survering wheel. Not by much but some. If I remember correctly MM # 1 was off by about 40 feet which is to be expected as GPS devices are not 100 percent accurate and the number of satellites they can pick up can impact how accurate they are. I have two Garmin GPS handhelds ( different models ) and I have found that while the GPS coordinates I get from them for the same spot while close, will vary a little.

      Just have to agree that the posted mileage on the MM's and the wood signs while not 100 percent accurate are close enough for most of this trail.
      18 years old with 45 years of experience


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        I'll be interested in your findings when you wheel Hwy 306 to PCRA. I'd be especially interested in what you find from Hwy 306 to Copperhead Landing. Again, I'm basing my thought that the distance is more that 2.2 miles on time elapsed and not an actual measurement. I'd intended to check it using the mapmyrun app and a gps this morning but the weather has different ideas.


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          I had planned to take dog out on trail but like your said, the weather had other ideas.
          18 years old with 45 years of experience