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Hike Jan 13-14

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  • Hike Jan 13-14

    Hello Everyone,

    Our scout troop will be hiking the entire trail this weekend and was wondering if anyone can tell us what to expect on the trail in regards to flooded areas. I understand the Southern Trail can get knee deep and with all the snow we had recently. We will be spending the night halfway (we will all be hangers) and try to complete the trail on Sunday. Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    Good news...the snow has melted. The bad news ...the trail will be wet and muddy. Worst of it will be the section from Deep Creek Rd to Alligator Tram Rd. We need about a week of no rain and steady winds to help dry things out. I was out in my back yard today in a T Shirt while just a few days ago is was 11 degrees.


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      The temperature change has been drastic, hard to believe it was that cold just days ago and now we are in the 60's to 70's. Thanks for the information, we will try to make the best of it. Looking forward to the hike.


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        It will be interesting to see the conditions of the trail after the snow and now rain. I might see you all out there, I'm taking my boys on a little hike this Saturday.


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          There will be around 15 of us going and we should be starting around 10am as we have a 2hr drive from Clayton NC. This one of our training hikes for Philmont this year. Last month we completed Hanging Rock SP five overlooks challenge in one day.
          I’ll take some pictures and post from our hike.

          Hope to run into you on the trail.


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            Looking forward to the trip report and pictures. Just got thru raining here so the trail should be good and muddy for you. Correction 17:00...its still raining


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              NT Hike 13-Jan-18

              Nice weather to start our day one of two hike, temperature was pleasant 63° and sunny around 12:30pm. Our group consisted of 16 hikers, (7 Leaders and 9 Scouts) parked one of our cars at the end of the trail at Oyster Point and drove to the trail crossing off Hwy 101 to drop off our firewood and water for our campsite at Dogwood Camp. From there we drove to our starting point, which was the parking lot at Pine Cliff. We trekked along the shoreline trail with a nice view of the Neuse River. Took a left into the woods where a well marked trail sign was located, and we were off on our adventure.

              Most of the trail was in good shape until we came across the foot bridges, which were very slick and at times we had to balance ourselves on one edge with a trekking pole because it was too slick to walk on and at a severe angle. It was tough to keep our feet dry because the trail had so much water on it. For the most part we had to skirt the edge of the trail to stay out of the water. There were several spot that were completely flooded and we had find an alternate way around. Some of the foot bridges were just skinny planks of wood that were questionable to rely on. This slowed our pace on the trail drastically but we kept pushing and made it to Hwy 101 to pickup our firewood and water jugs. The 0.75 mile hike to the shelter was also flooded and when we arrived several other hikers already had the shelter and the surrounding cleared area was also occupied, so we hiked a hundred yards further and there was a clearing on the trail to setup camp. By this time it was around 5:30pm and getting dark fast and the temperature was dropping like a rock. Most everyone had hammocks (ENO and Hennessy) and two of the adult leaders had tents. There were plenty of trees to setup for all of us, and once we got our hammocks setup it was dinner prep time. We had two MSR Reactor stoves going to boil water and Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef was on the menu, It was a nice welcomed hot meal after a long hike. The firewood came in nicely as we all had wet shoes to dry around the campfire. Nothing is worse than having to put cold wet shoes on in the morning to start a hike.

              The temperature dropped around 28° and it was known when you tried to get out of your sleeping bag in the morning. I was a little cold with my North Face Cat’s Meow 20° sleeping bag when my Klymit Static V air pad slipped out underneath me during the night. Sleeping in a hammock during the winter, it is a must to have a good thermal barrier around you. I am not much of a hanger but I’m slowly liking it more.

              NT Hike 14-Jan-18

              We got up the next morning and packed up our gear and had breakfast on the trail since we started later than anticipated around 8am. BTW, we left a nice pile of wood at our campsite if anyone needs, enjoy! The trail was in about the same condition as earlier with slick foot bridges and soggy wet trails. We stopped along the trail at a small pond and eat breakfast and while I was sitting down, I noticed something crawling up my leg. It was a tick! In the dead of winter! I don’t think those things ever die. LOL. Once we hiked the long endless 169 Rd. to get back onto the trail it started getting worse with trail flooding. The trial was just not passable with out getting your shoes wet. We trekked for miles hugging the edge trail with thick brush on each side which slowed us to a snails pace. It got so bad that I just gave up and started to walk right through the middle of trail. We collectively determined if we are going to finish this at a decent time we need to just push through and change our wet shoes out at the end.

              We ran across some day hikers about 3 miles out from Oyster Point and they mentioned that it was a little muddy down the trail where we were headed, but they had no idea what they were in for going the way we came. I would imagine that they turned around.

              We finished around 2:30pm, the drivers jumped in the truck and drove to pickup the van and trailer at Pine Cliff while we waited for them to get back. It was a welcomed sight when they arrived because it got cold fast once you stopped hiking. Turn the heat up full blast please!

              It was a good training hike for our 2018 Philmont Crew and I think everyone had some sore feet after it. I just wish the trail was not so wet, it would have made a more pleasant hike.

              Is there a Hall of Fame for hikers that complete the trail in adverse conditions?

              Pics from our hike:


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                More Pics from Hike.


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                  Great report. I have found ticks every month of the year while on the trail. I copied this thread to trip reports.

                  If you email me a list of those who completed the hike ( along with the city ) I will add them to the Hikers Hall of Fame.

                  I was out at Dogwood Shelter just after the snow fall and it got down to 11 degrees that night. I was very warm in my hammock set up. I am getting ready to leave to attend a winter hang at Grayson State Park in VA.


                  • GrayPath
                    GrayPath commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Thank you. I'll send you a list today.
                    Enjoy your trip to Grayson SP.

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         the email and will add them to the Hikers Hall of Fame when I get back from the trip.