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The WeeTock Trail

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  • The WeeTock Trail

    What is the current status of this trail? I've never hiked it but long been curious.

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    The Weetock Trail is not an official trail. The Carteret County WIldlife Club has spent years trying to get an official route approved with no luck. Too many potentially important archaeological sites according to the government. We suggested it was in their best interest to help us plan a route that would avoid these sites as it stands right now, one can hike anywhere they want ( including thru those potentially important archaeological sites ) as most people would stay on an established trail. Side note....the military conducts training out in this area from time to time....E&E ...escape and evasion plus during deer hunting season the are area is packed with hunters.

    At one point the Club had blazed the trail and even place trail markers on most of the route. Someone then removed most of the blazes. The Forest Service said they did not remove the blazes.

    Several years ago I stopped by the rangers office and found that the Croatan NF had the Weetock Trail listed on their brochures as a hiking trail. Go figure.
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