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New High Rise Bridge in Beuafort

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  • New High Rise Bridge in Beuafort

    Effective the 27 Jan 2018, the new high rise bridge in Beaufort is now open. Well, only two lanes are open while they continue to work on the bridge and the roads leading to and from the bridge and the new bypass in Beaufort.

    Link to web cam from a marina next to the bridge

    Also, the old draw bridge is now closed and will be dismantled in in the near future,

    The new Hwy 70 route takes you around Beaufort to the north west and ends up at Hwy 101 where you can turn to get into Beaufort. There will be another access road available once work is done on a new bridge on Turner St..

    The new bridge route saves me about a mile of driving when going to work and reduces the number of stop lights I had to go thru to get to Morehead City from 8 to 3.

    This new route also messes up all road mileage I have posted in directions on how far to drive when one is starting from Beaufort. I will correct the mileage as I can...

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    The drawbridge has been reopened for the time being.

    The new bypass intersects Hwy 101 about 0.5 miles north of old Hwy 70.