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Out and back... Camping and water?

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  • Out and back... Camping and water?

    Hey! I was hoping to do an out and back overnight trip of the Pine Cliff section, north to south. I read there's a shelter about 3.5 miles in, but would there happen to be any open areas closer to 306 with a water source (that would be treated of course) near by that would be suitable for a night? 3.5 miles just didn't seem far enough for what I was wanting, but going to the Dogwood Shelter may be a bit too far (although I am considering it mostly possible, just been a less than active summer this year!). Thanks!

    Also, thanks too for all the information you provide on this site!

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    Dogwood shelter is 0.75 miles from the Hwy 101 parking lot and is one of my favorite shelters when I have to get a late start.

    From Hwy 306, heading north for about 20 to 30 minutes, you will come come to a long boardwalk across a creek with water. Have not scouted the area for a suitable tent site but if you are using a hammock it should not be hard to find a couple of trees.

    From Oyster Point to Blackjack shelter it is 2.5 miles but you could continue on to Alligator Tram Rd and then turn around and return to Blackjack Shelter which would add about another 3 miles. There is a creek just a couple of hundred feet from the shelter.