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  • Planning...we don't need no stinking planning!

    Thinking about doing a spur-of-the-moment overnight down The Trail. I'm going to be starting at the northern trail head. Reading some of the other posts, it looks like the areas around the shelters are the guaranteed places for some camping. the there an estimate as to how far of a hike that is? All I really need are two good trees. Thanks for the help!!!

    This is also a kind of route recon for me to take my kids.

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    From the Pine Cliffs trail head to the Copperhead shelter you are looking at a little under 4 miles.

    An easier one is to park at the Hwy 101 parking lot and hike 3/4 mile to the Dogwood Shelter. Lots of good hanging trees there too.

    I am just waiting for things to cool down a little more before I start hiking and camping out again on the trail this fall


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      Awesome, thanks!!! I think the 101 lot might be a better idea for my kids, as for me, I think I might need the 4 miles. It's been a while since I've gotten out in the woods, and after work, I need as much as I can get.

      I'm probably doing some trips in the fall as well, but I figured I might as well use this leave that I've got and get out there.