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Boardwalks...a necessary evil.

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  • Boardwalks...a necessary evil.

    You will encounter lots of boardwalks while hiking the trail. They are needed to cross the many creeks and mud pits that one will encounter while on the trail. After all, the trail does cross lots of swampy areas. While talking to some folks who have been hiking the trail far longer than I have, they have told me stories about hiking / wading thru water chest deep at times before many of the boardwalks where build. These wooden structures are built with donated lumber and the work of the Carteret County Wildlife Club and many volunteers.

    When a hurricane hits the Club usually has its hands full repairing the boardwalks that were damaged. Its not easy but it is necessary. We have folks drive down from Raleigh to help with the work.

    These days the Club tries to find Boy Scouts looking for an Eagle Scout project to build the new boardwalks.

    Not every location that could use a board walk will get a boardwalk as the Club tries to leave the trail as wild as possible.

    Many of the boardwalks have names and dates. The longest boardwalk is located just north of Hwy 101.

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    Current restrictions imposed by the Forest Service will now greatly increase the cost and time it will take to repair the existing boardwalks and probably ensure that new ones can not be built.


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      In case you wanted to see what goes into repairing a boardwalk...these are some photos I took of a dog leg boardwalk located about a mile east of the Dogwood shelter that was repaired by the CCWLC about 4 years ago. A controlled burn being conducted by the Forest Service caused a burning tree to fall on the boardwalk and take it out in two place.