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  • Hi Everybody!

    Howdy, y'all. I'm Joe, living in Jacksonville, NC since 2012 but originally from West By God. Hammock camper, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 87 in Belgrade. Planning to thru-hike the Neusiok with my daughter in the next month or so (my plan to do it in January/February didn't work out, so yay heat and bugs) but I'm currently waiting for the rain to stop long enough so we can actually hike and not swim the trail.

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    You may have to wade but never swim the trail . Welcome to the forum. If you do plan to hike the trail during the summer be sure to take plenty of bug spray as the deer flies are out in force. A bug net for the head will also help.


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      Thanks for the reinforcement on the bug spray. I spent a weekend being eaten alive by flies at Cliffs of the Neuse two summers ago and don't wish to experience that again.


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        Don't worry, if you miss any places with the bug spray, the deer flies will be happy to let you know where......

        I normally avoid the trail during the summer due to the bugs and wait for the cooler weather in the fall to start back camping and hiking.

        I have hung my hammock at Cliffs of the Neuse SP a few years back. Nice area.