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  • Howdy!

    I'm Paul aka "Midlife" - and I'm section-hiking the MST. Actually hiking all the trail sections, kayaking the Neuse, and biking the long on-road sections. About 400 miles down, about 600 to go.
    You can read about my adventure on my blog, at

    I had planned to hike the Neusiok on February 1st and 2nd this year. I camped at Oyster Point the night of January 31st, and Gene Huntsman was kind enough to pick me up and shuttle me to Pine Cliff on Thursday morning. I hiked about 12 miles the first day, and hammock camped on the trail. Woke up early on Friday and was hiking before 4AM. Hiked past the ghostly boat hull in the dark. About 1/4 mile back into the woods from the long on-road section, I encountered deep-dish black water, between impenetrable pecosin walls, in the dark, at 5AM, with a storm looming. As I had proven that my waterproof boots were in fact no longer very waterproof, and in any case they weren't tall enough, I bailed out and followed the forest roads back to Oyster Point.

    I've acquired some good, high, waterproof overboots and will return soon to finish that last 6 miles. :-)

    Thanks for this wonderful resource (both the trail, and the forum)!

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    Welcome to the forum. That section between Deep Creek Rd and Alligator Tram Rd can be a mess to hike when flooded


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      Hey Paul! I did a day hike from Hwy 101 North to Pine Cliff and it was pretty dry except for the boardwalk part in the beginning. I have not gone South yet. It sound wet in those sections you talked about. I plan to do the whole thing and camp over night some where along the line. Do you hammock camp? How deep was the water in those deep dish blackish waters. I guess you could not go around.?