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Bear Tacos and Bear Burritos vrs Bear Fortune Cookies

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  • Bear Tacos and Bear Burritos vrs Bear Fortune Cookies

    Us hammock campers have a warped sense of humor.

    A bear taco is a hammock with out a bug net.

    A bear burrito is a hammock with a bug net.

    To be fair we call tents bear fortune cookies as the bears never know what they will find inside the tent.

    For the people who think a tent is safer than a hammock... inside that tent, the only thing separating you from that bear is a thin layer of ripstop nylon and I guarantee that nylon is not as strong as the bear.

    The main reason a bear is going to go into and or tear open a tent is because it smells something it wants...FOOD. Do not store, eat or cook inside your tent or hammock. Once they know they can find food in a tent or hammock; then they are more likely to tear into one again knowing there is a chance there will be food inside.

    I highly recommend eating away from you tent and or hammock and store you food via bear cables or similar means away from your tent and or hammock.

    To date there has only been one case of a hammock camper being attacked by a bear while in their hammock that I am aware of.

    One set of stats I found show that dogs and horses cause far more deaths than bears.

    Average Number of Deaths per Year in the U.S
    Bee/Wasp 53
    Dogs 31
    Horse 20
    Spider 6.5
    Rattlesnake 5.5
    Bull 3
    Mountain lion 1
    Shark 1
    Bear 0.5
    Scorpion 0.5
    Centipede 0.5
    Alligator 0.3
    Elephant 0.25
    Wolf 0.1
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