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Compaing a hammock to a tent

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  • Compaing a hammock to a tent

    How does a hammock compare to a tent ?

    There purpose of either is to provide shelter from the elements while you sleep.

    Privacy...a tent will provide more privacy than a hammock but I have found that privacy is not a major issue out in the woods. If someone wants to look at my naked body while I am changing then I am not responsible for any brain damage that may occur. With the limited head room of a tent, you will probably have a harder time changing cloths while sitting inside the tent than I do standing under my tarp and using the hammock as a chair.

    Hammock to Tent parts:

    Hammock = Tent

    Tarp = Tent Rain Fly

    Under Quilt ( UQ ) = Ground pad; Insulated pad; inflatable pad

    Top Quilt ( TQ ) = Sleeping bag

    You can use a pad and a sleeping bag in a hammock so if you are consider switching to a hammock you can still use some of your existing gear.

    Many people will claim that a tent set up will weigh less than a hammock set up. It all depends on which set up you are comparing. Most of the comparisons I have seen show that the two are about equal in weight and usually only differ by a few ounces. Since one is comparing apples to oranges; it can be hard to to make a valid comparison.

    As there are places where tents work better than hammocks and places where hammocks work better than tents...make your choice depending on where you will camping and what will work best for the situation.

    One time while hiking on the AT I stopped to talk to a group of tenters who were breaking down their campsite for the start of the days hike. Found out they past my camp site during the night and did not see my hammock. They asked what kind of tent I used and I told them I used a hammock. One the hikers said that I must have had a real hard time finding trees to hang from. I looked around at all the trees surrounding us and told him ... yup, its a real problem finding trees around here and then proceed with my hike.

    Set up........

    To set up a tent you will need a semi flat area slightly larger than the tent clear of rocks and tree roots.

    To set up a hammock you will need two trees ( or similar structure ) about 15 to 20 feet apart, The ground underneath does not have to be level or clear of rocks, but should be semi clear of under brush.

    From past experience it takes about equal time to set a hammock or tent.

    Of the two, my wife and I find hammocks to be much more comfortable to sleep in than tents.

    A recent acquaintance who recently got back into camping and backpacking finally switched to a hammock after buying and trying several tents, different pads and sleeping bags and found he could no longer sleep on the ground.
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