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What to consider when shopping for a hammock ( or any other camping gear )

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  • What to consider when shopping for a hammock ( or any other camping gear )

    If you are looking to get a hammock or any other camping gear, there are some things you have to consider.

    Do you car camp ? If so then weight and bulk is not as much of an issue.

    Do you backpack ? Then you want light weight gear with as little bulk as possible.

    Many people when starting out make the mistake of watching the UTube videos of claimed survivalist, bush crafters ect. A few of these people know what they are talking about. Too many have no clue as how to properly use the gear they are showing and or are talking about.

    Beware of sleeping bags sold by the mass discounter stores like Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods ect. While these bags have their place, they tend to be bulky and are cheap ( meaning they do not hold up well ) and the temperature ratings are not close to being accurate IMO. I was on a camping trip recently when a person in our group had one of these bags and was very cold while using it when he should have been warm according to the temperature rating.

    As mentioned above, be aware that the temperature ratings on these sleeping bags are not accurate. When one of these bags say they are rated to 20 degrees, they may keep you alive at that temperature but you will not be comfortable.

    Good high quality gear is going to cost you. However it can last for many years. The wife and I still have and use sleeping bags we bought back in the early 70's. I still have and use a North Face Ibex and the wife has and uses a Snow Lion sleeping bag. We have lighter gear that we use in our hammocks but if needed we still have those sleeping bags.

    Don't try to buy all your gear at one time. Take you time and try to get the best gear you can, Quality gear will last a long time.

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