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Long time hammock camper

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  • Long time hammock camper

    My first time in a hammock was while camping on the AT back in the early 70's. I had a hammock made of an open weave material best described as looking like a fishing cast net. That thing was very uncomfortable and so I went back to the ground. I was young in those days and could handle sleeping on the ground. Still, sleeping on the ground was not all that comfortable.

    Years later I was looking for a more comfortable way to sleep out in the woods when I stumbled across Hammock Forums . After doing some online research, I thought there might be something to this. Knowing I had to get the wife onboard I ordered her a Black Bird Hammock from Warbonnet and she fell in love with hammocks. That was back in 2010. Since them we have spent a lot time camping in our hammocks.

    I still backpack and when I do I take a hammock to sleep in. My only complaint is that I don't want to get out of it in the morning.

    Some tent campers consider hammock hangers to be like a cult. I refer to it as converting a tenter to the dark side of camping ( and no, we do not have cookies ). As far as I am concerned, I don't care if you use a hammock, a tent, a tarp or just cowboy camp as long as you are getting out into the woods.

    I will be posting a series of short topics about hammock camping here that I hope you will find useful. Much of the information will also be useful to tent campers so it will be worth reading.

    I am not going to try and sell you anything and any gear I mention will be gear I have used and or seen in use. If not I will tell you.

    Just because I use a piece of gear does not mean that gear is what you should be using. My wants, goals, needs and the way and conditions I use my gear are different from yours. I will offer my opinion on a piece of gear or a way to use that gear but it is just opinion.

    I do strongly recommend that you test all your gear under controlled conditions before you take it out into the field and find out that it does not work the way you thought it would. I have set up my Secret Hammock Institute of Testing in my back yard where I can set up as many as 9 hammocks at one time and where all my gear gets tested before I take it out into the woods.

    Wife's first time in her Black Bird Hammock.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0866.JPG Views:	1 Size:	18.0 KB ID:	424

    My testing area. There are 9 hammocks in this picture.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_265.jpg Views:	1 Size:	858.8 KB ID:	430

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    18 years old with 45 years of experience

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    Gunner, I met you a couple of weeks back. Myself and four friends were day hiking from Rt. 101 north to Pine Cliff. You were in the process of measuring the trail. I have recently been developing an interest in hammock camping and have researched it quite extensively. I have settled on a bridge hammock and have made a purchase of the REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock. One reason was that it was selling at an incredible bargain. So I have decided to pursue a backpacking and camping trip with it. I plan to do the whole Neusiok sometime in April. I am also interested in doing some other camping with a group. However I need to find a group!


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      The wife and I are hosting at group hang at Medoc Mt State Park in a week. Planning threat can be found here

      Group hangs are a great place to meet other hammock hangers and check out different set ups. Even if you can not make it for the whole weekend it is worth coming by for a day. If you don't have all the gear you need to spend the night then let us know as we can lend you some gear.
      18 years old with 45 years of experience