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U`King® Headlamps Headlamp Straps LED 9000ML Lumens

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  • U`King® Headlamps Headlamp Straps LED 9000ML Lumens

    Review of the U`King® Headlamps Headlamp Straps LED 9000ML Lumens 4 Mode Cree XM-L T6 18650 Adjustable Focus Rechargeable Compact Size High Power Product # 05164190 from

    And a link that LightInTheBox asked me to place in the review:

    Specs from web site:

    Light Bulb ...Type LED
    Type.... Headlamps, Headlamp Straps
    Battery..... Type 18650
    Total..... Batteries 2
    Emitter.....Cree XM-LT6
    Total Emitters.....3
    Switch..... Mode1 (ON/OFF)
    Maximum Brightness (lumens).....9000 ML
    Distance (m)......800m
    Application.... Outdoor, Climbing, Multifunction, Fishing, Hunting, Camping/Hiking/Caving
    Body Color..... Black, Purple
    Body Material ......Aluminum alloy
    What's in the box......1 User Manual, 2 Batteries, 1 Car Charger, 1 AC Charger, 1 Headlamp
    Tips ......Batteries included
    Run time (Hr.) ....3H
    Batteries Included? .....Yes
    Plug Type .....AU Plug, UK Plug, EU Plug, US Plug
    Listing Date......03/30/2017
    Net Weight(kg) .....0.181kg
    Features ....Rechargeable, High Power, Compact Size, Adjustable Focus
    Waterproof Level ....IPX-4

    I was contacted recently by from China and asked if I would be willing to review some of their products.

    They sent me a list of products to choose from and I replied with my choices as to what I would like to review.

    A couple of weeks later I received a package in the mail. When I opened it up I found they had sent me a headlamp to review. The headlamp box was packed inside another cardboard box and was over wrapped in bubble wrap and even though it was shipped in a soft plastic bag, it arrive with no damage.

    Inside the box was the headlamp, a wall charger, a 12v car charger and instructions along with two batteries ( stored inside in the battery case ).

    The instructions have what I believe to be Chinese instructions on one side and English on the other side. I am sorry to say that the English instructions are for the most part useless as they so poorly written.

    The instructions do not mention that the batteries are shrink wrapped and this shrink wrapping must be removed. You have to look very closely at the batteries to tell that they are shrink wrapped. One has to look at the product information on the web site to find this information.

    Specs per my scale

    Light with batteries .............. 9.8 oz 278 grams
    Light without batteries .........6.6 oz 188 grams
    Batteries – each – need 2 ......1.6 oz 45 grams
    Wall charger ... 1.1 oz 33 grams
    12v car charger .... 0.6 oz 19 grams

    The only weight listing of the head lamp on the web site list it as being 0.181 Kg which converts to 6.4 oz which is very close to what I got for the light without the batteries.

    First impression....this thing is huge. It has three lamps; one large main lamp with a smaller lamp on each side. The battery pack is mounted on the back in its own case with a wire connecting it to the lamps. The headband is a bright colored pattern and goes over the top of the head as well as around it.

    The color of the lamp is a bright purple and black which actually looks good.

    There is one button switch on the top of the center lamp. I found it easy to cycle thru the settings. The lamp starts off with the center lamp on only, the outer lamps on only, all three lamps on, then super strobe. The strobe on this lamp is unreal on how bright it is and how fast it flashes. The company says the strobe can be used for self defense and while I do not know it is true or not, I do find that looking at the strobe light to be very uncomfortable.

    The lamp is attached to an adjustable plastic mount that felt fairly comfortable against my head. I found that it takes two hands to adjust the aiming point of the lamp. I found it easier to adjust the aim of the lamp by taking it off my head.

    The batteries are easy to access as they are located in a hard plastic open case with a soft rubber lid. The rubber lid is held onto the plastic case with a small split ring. This rubber lid rest against the back of the head when the light is being worn. A potential weak point with the rubber cover is its attachment point could tear over time with use. Something I will be keeping an eye on.

    The instructions state that the batteries must be charged for 6 hours before use the first time. After that it the batteries should charge 3 to 5 hours. While I did use the charger long enough to make sure it works; I used a Nitecore battery charger to ensure the batteries were fully charged before each test as the model I use has some built in diagnostic features.

    Water Proof or water resistant..... I asked the company about this and they say the headlamp is not water proof. As to how water resistant it is, only time will tell.

    Run time....The only information on the run time is found on the web site and it say three hours.

    Modes... The web site says the lamp has 4 modes but the instructions only list three... Bright Lighting, Weak light Illumination and Strobe Mode. The lights are fixed and can not be focused into a narrow or wider beam even though the web site specs say they are “Zoomable”. If they are Zoomable I was not able to figure out out how to do it.

    Testing of the run times:

    Before each test, I charged the batteries on my Nitecore battery charger. Once the batteries were fully charged I placed them back into the battery case and turned on the light and left it on to find out how long it would operate at each setting. After each test I recharged the batteries.

    I would turn on the headlamp and leave it on and check on about every 30 minutes to an hour. When I could notice a definite decrease in light output, I would end that test.

    Center Lamp only ...8 hrs *
    Outer two lamps only... 12 hrs *
    All three lamps ...3.5 hrs *
    Strobe ....5 hrs *

    * I ended the test as the light(s) was still on but it had gotten
    dimmer to the point it was noticeable.

    The specs from the web site only list run time as “3H” which I assume is 3 hours but it does not say in in which mode. As the light lasted far longer that 3 hours, it surpassed the sellers claim which is good. Even though I did not test each mode of the headlamp to the point of the light being dead ( not giving off light ), I think my tests were valid.

    I do not have any way to test the actual brightness or Lumens output of the light so I have to take the sellers word on that.

    Outdoor test:

    I took the lamp out at night and placed it on a table and aimed the light at a tree close by. The camera I used was placed on the table for each shot to ensure a steady platform. I took a picture earlier that day of the direction I would be shooting at night for a comparison. I then took a picture of the the lamp in each mode. After I got some pictures I aimed the lamp across the field next to my backyard to get an idea of how far the light reached. While the light was not focused, I could see across the field and make out the boat yard on the other side of the field. Pictures of the night test are located at the bottom of the page. Over all I would have to say this lamp has more a spread out light than a focused light.

    In conclusion:

    Low price.
    Bright Light with a decent range.
    Includes batteries and chargers.
    Very bright strobe.
    Would make a great light for car camping and or when weight and size/bulk are not an issue.
    Easy to switch through the different modes.


    Too heavy and bulky for backpacking
    English instructions are terrible
    Adjusting the aim required that I take the lamp off my head.
    Not water proof
    Replacement batteries are not readily found at stores
    Have to have access to car or home 110 power source to recharge batteries

    Picture of lamp from LightintheBox's web site:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	zvadmn1470799731553.jpg Views:	1 Size:	94.4 KB ID:	761

    Reference shot of tree taken during day time:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCF5396.JPG Views:	1 Size:	4.8 KB ID:	762

    Lamp on center light:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Center Lamp.JPG Views:	1 Size:	6.1 KB ID:	763

    Outer Two Lamps:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Outer Lamps.JPG Views:	1 Size:	6.4 KB ID:	764

    All three lamps:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	All Three Lamps.JPG Views:	1 Size:	5.4 KB ID:	765