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Brunton IB Cook Set

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  • Brunton IB Cook Set

    Brunton I.B. Cook Set

    The I.B. stands for for Itty Bitty

    No longer available

    From a web store that use to sell them.....

    Hard anodized aluminum construction for efficient heat transfer
    High-temp, fold-away silicone-coated handles
    Graduated measurement markings inside and out
    Slotted lid for liquid removal
    Stack-able pots for double boiler performance
    1000ml pot: (33.8 fluid ounces)
    Height: 4-¾"
    Diameter: 5-¼
    800ml pot: (27 fluid ounces)
    Height: 3-¼"
    Diameter: 5"
    Lid: Height: ½" Diameter: 5"
    Total weight: 9.8 oz. (both pots)
    Material: Hard anodized aluminum with silicone-coated stainless steel handles
    Made in China
    Specs on the box the cook set came in

    Hard anodized aluminum pots with folding handles
    Hard anodized lid
    Mesh stuff sack
    weight 9.4 ounces
    Warranty: One year
    (And at least they do have a sense of humor)
    Why Buy Brunton...
    No suits were worn by anyone involved in the design, development or production of our products: we use the stuff.
    We've been building outdoor equipment since 1984 so we have a lot of practice. Because 1% of purchase goes to the employees donut fund.

    Why buy the I.B. Cook Set ?
    I.B. Stand for “Itty Bitty” because it's really small.
    Our compact convenient storage system makes transport easy, even when wet.
    Hard anodized aluminum ensures efficient heat transfer.
    No-rattle nesting design allows for peace and quite in the trail
    Plastic pots would melt when heated
    Purchased from a discount web site. I have used this set up on the AT trail and other over night hiking trips.

    My results

    Weight 8.9 ounces for both pots and the lid
    Large pot.....4.1 ounces......or 117 grams
    Small Pot.....3.5 ounces....or 98 grams
    Lid.................1.3 ounces......or 36 grams

    The lid will work with both pots

    Both pots have measurement marks on the inside and outside of the pots, 1,000 ml for the large pot and 800 ml for the small pot. This a really nice feature as most pots I have seen either do not have measurement marks or just have them on the outside. I wish all manufactures had this feature.

    The large pot nest inside the small pot.

    Plenty of room inside the large pot for my fuel canister, windscreen and stove. The windscreen takes just enough room that I have to store the canister on its side inside the stove, As stoves and canisters vary in size, your stove/canister may not fit.

    I usually just take the large pot.

    I did make two cozies, one for the big pot and one for the small pot.

    If you come across a used set, grab it.

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