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  • DIY Breakfast ideas

    While camping / backpacking when I am looking to keep the weight down, I like to eat a simple and easy to fix breakfast that requires little cleanup.

    Meal Idea Number one....Instant Oatmeal. I go to the Dollar Tree and get one of their boxes of Instant Oatmeal. I prefer the Maple flavor version. Six packages in the box for $1.00 which works out to about 17 cents a package. As I eat two of these packages, my cost is about 38 cents a meal. I empty two packages into a freezer rated quart size zip lock bag. Add hot water ( not boiling ) and knead the contents for about a minute and eat out of the bag. I usually add a bit more water than needed so my oatmeal is slightly on the thin side. You can add nuts, berry's, dried and or fresh fruit ect. to spice up the meal it you want. The freezer bag can be cleaned out and reused or use it to store trash in.

    Meal Idea Number Two....Instant grits. The instant grits do not taste as good as regular grits but do not take as long to cook. I have tried to make my own instant grits by cooking up a batch of regular grits and then dehydrating them but they never re hydrate properly so I have no idea what I am doing wrong or if it is even possible. I have never seen instant grits for sell at Dollar Tree so I get the store brand at my local Food Lion grocery store. Anyway I use two package, remove for the packages they came in and place in a quart size freezer zip lock bag, I will also add bacon bits to spice up the meal. Another idea is to add powdered cheese or Parmesan cheese. Want to make it a dinner then add dehydrated shrimp. I dehydrate a package of salad shrimp and add. The dehydrated shrimp will take 5 to 10 minutes to re hydrate.

    Meal Idea Number Three...Instant Cream of Wheat...similar to grits, just have to add a bit more water,

    I will use a black magic maker to write on the out side of the bag what is inside the bag, date packed and how much water to add. If I am doing a large batch I will print out the information ( contents ) and place the piece of paper inside the bag. Be sure to remove the paper before adding the water.

    I have been experimenting with sealing these meals in mylar bags made for use with a Food Saver ( or similar ) vacuum sealer. Have found that the mylar bags need to be heat sealed twice...once when the Food Saver finished the vacuum seal and heat seal and once more just using the heat seal to ensure a good seal