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OMEALS....Self heating Meals for the trail

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  • OMEALS....Self heating Meals for the trail

    From the OMeals web site....

    Omeals Homestyle Meals are 6 to 8 oz. of ready to consume wholesome food. All Homestyle Meals are fully cooked and never freeze dried. Our meals are shelf stable, self-heating and can be eaten anytime anywhere. Our menu offering includes options that are low and no cholesterol, low sodium and is good source of fiber among others.

    Our meal pouches are nearly weightless, flexible, waterproof and fit into any sized backpack or reduced space. Each Homestyle Meal comes with everything you need – food pouch, heating element and utensils. We have a state of the art flameless heating procedure to warm up the food that only requires a couple of ounces of liquid to activate.

    From their address they are located in Pembroke Florida. I have used their contact form to ask if they make the meals on site or have them made elsewhere. Will let you know what I find out. ( its been several months and I never got a reply )

    It appears that this company has taken the idea of the heating element from the MRE's and updated it and put it in a nicer looking package.

    Saw these on REI's site and ordered a couple to try. The packages feel a bit on the heavy side which I am sure is due to the heating element. I think this would not be an item I would want to take on a multi day back packing trip due to the weight. However the idea

    I weighed the three OMeals I got and they came in at 10.9 and 11 ounces each vrs 5 to 6 ounces for some MT House meals I have on hand. The extra weight could be due to the heating element and accessories.

    They do offer free samples ( you can choose from several items but you are limited to one ) but you do have to pay shipping.