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How do I insert a UTube video into my post ?

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  • How do I insert a UTube video into my post ?

    This is a work in progress. I will be posting some screen print images to go along with the instructions as soon as I can.

    You can insert a U Tube Video as part of your post

    Start a new post and decide where you want to place the video and use your mouse to click on that spot. Do no close the post.

    Now go to U Tube and find the U Tube Video you want to copy to your post

    Look on the Right hand side below the U Tuber video for the SHARE button and click on it

    A new window will open and there will be a code, usually somewhere near the bottom of the new window.. You can select the code and copy it or use the "COPY" button to do so

    Now go back to the post you started.

    Look to the Right and select the underlined capital A to "Toggle Advance Editor" mode

    A new set of icons will appear

    Look to the Right and find the box with images of a Link, a Link with an X, what looks like a picture and what looks like a video print.

    Select the image that looks like a video print ( last image on the right of the four images ). It will say "Insert Video". Click on it and a new window will appear

    A new window will appear that says "Insert Video Clip"

    Paste the code you copied from the Share on the U Tube Video and press the OK button.

    Add any additional comments and select the Save button to Save the post.

    Your U Tube Video will now appear.