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Please do not email me with questions

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  • Please do not email me with questions

    Not trying to be mean or a be a PITA, but I do not answer questions related to the trail that have been emailed to me. If you need to ask a question then join the forum ( its free ) and post your question(s). I check the forum several times a day ( unless I am gone camping ) so most questions will be answered within 24 hours.

    Why.... you may think the answer to your question will only be of interest to you but I am sure others will want to know and others may be able to provide additional insight.

    If you do email me with a question I will direct you to join the forum and post the question here.

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    Right now I am averaging about 3 emails a week asking questions about the trail. Most of them would find their answers is they just took the time to check out the web site and or forum.

    I still direct them to join the forum and ask their questions here. Most do not.