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    I will out in the woods 8 March ( Friday ) to 18 March ( Monday ) 2019. My youngest son, my dog Sam ( 120 lb Lab mix ) and I are going to the Yates Place Hammock Hang at Yates Place in the Uwharries NF and then we will head down to South Carolina to hike the Foot Hills Trail.

    As such I will not be around to answer any questions that may come up ect while I am gone. Originally planned to hike the Foot Hills Trail two years ago but ended up having to get my gall bladder removed and things have finally worked out where I could take the time off to go do the hike.

    I would like to thru hike the AT in a year or two ( I am getting old but I am not that old ) and I figured this hike will be a good test to see if I could handle a much longer hike. I have section hiked the AT many time when younger and have always wanted to do the whole trail. Just have to keep reminding myself I am not a teenager anymore and can not do 30+ days like I use to. These days I am happy with 10 to 15 miles.

    I am hoping the weather cooperates so I can get lots of camera shots and video so I can to a video blog of the hike. Will also do a video of the gear I used and what worked and what did not and what I would do differently.