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More updates on Trail Closures ect due to Florence

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  • More updates on Trail Closures ect due to Florence

    From the Carteret County Wild Life Club..

    Trail is a mess! Gene and I walked from Bilfinger Rd to the Dogwood Camp shelter. We immediately encountered a major disruption. A section of the “dog-leg” bridge near Bilfinger has been raised about 3' in the air and tilted by a huge tree root wad that came up under it. See attached picture. Other parts of the trail have downed trees. The shelter is fine. We also checked the section near “still gut” bridge. Bridge is fine but many large trees cover the trail east of the bridge.

    Neusiok Trail is closed. The entire trail has been closed by the USFS and they do not plan to open it in the near future. Gene talked to the new acting ranger and requested that they at least consider working to open the popular Pine Cliff to NC306 (Ferry road) section. For a map of the areas of the Croatan that are closed go to

    Weetock Trail is open according to the Forest Service

    Despite Gervase' repeated requests, we have received no word from USFS on permitting us to improve the bridge on the Neusiok trail near Pine Cliff. (by now the bridge may have been washed away by the ~2 feet of rain brought by Florence). Gervase will also request that the club be allowed to help clear the trail. If the USFS agrees to our help, Gervase would like volunteers to walk the trail and make an inventory of the work that we could accomplish.

    That dog leg bridge / board walk was completely rebuilt a few years ago after a control burn resulted in a burning tree falling across the bridge.

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    Link to pdf copy of closure notice:

    Notice says closure will end the 13 of December but could last longer. Fines are up to $5K if caught in or on a closed area.

    Link to pdf map of impacted areas:


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      Just got this information from the Carteret County Wildlife Club....

      The Neusiok Trail has been closed since the hurricane on Sept 13 and will stay closed for the foreseeable future according to the Forest Service. Gene said The USFS told him that they require money to be released through an Act of Congress which is not expected until next year. They estimate it will be as much as two years before the trail is reopened after alterations to meet current Forest Service standards. Gervase said he has written three letters, and left numerous emails and phone messages to the District Ranger requesting meetings on this issue with no response. (After our Club meeting, Gervase sent a letter to the District Ranger asking that at least a couple of sections at the popular northern end of the trail be reopened soon.) If appeals to reason fail, Gene said he will resort to all available methods to pressure them to open the trail sooner. Gene noted that the USFS has made no attempt to comply with the Memorandum of Agreement that previous Ranger Cody Hutchinson signed with us. Meanwhile, we have already received inquiries from folks wishing to hike the trail.
      I am beginning to think that the USFS does not want the trail to reopen which is a shame since the CCWLC has always been able to round up a crew to work on working on the trail when needed. The trail attracts folks to the area to hike the trail and spend money in the area which is win win situation in my opinion.


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        Got to thinking ( I know, a dangerous thing for me to do ) and remembered that the the Forest Service paid some big buck about 10 years ago to have the southern 4 miles of the NT ( Oyster Point to Alligator Tram Rd ) improved which consisted of a contractor coming in and widening the trail to about 6 ft wide, filling in the mud holes with marl and using geo fabric to help stabilize the low areas and building about 8 USFS approved boardwalks. The only old boardwalk along this stretch is the one on the south side of Mill Creek Rd

        Since this section was improved, there have not been any issues with damage from the several hurricanes that have come thru and it should required little more than clearing a few down trees and removing from brush to get this section of the trail to get it open again. But since the USFS has closed the trail, I can not legally check it out to see what if any damage may have occurred.


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          Still closed but some of the information does not make any sense

          from the National Forest Web site...

          11/05 Updated Road and Trail Closures on the Croatan
          Date(s): Oct 22, 2018

          A new Croatan National Forest closure map has been produced by personnel on site. It shows the current status of road and recreation area closures. The roads marked in red are closed to all travel; those marked in orange are closed to vehicles but may be accessed by foot, bicycle or horse.

          Current Rec Openings: Patsy Pond Trail, Haywood Landing Boat Launch, Long Point Boat Launch, Weetock Trail, Cahooque Creek Boat Launch, Brice Creek Recreation Areas

          I went by the Patsy Pond Trail a few days ago and there was one of the Forest Service Signs saying it was closed which is the opposite of what the Forest Service has posted on line.

          Also the Forest Service says the Weetock Trail is open. The Carteret County Wildlife Club has tried for years to get the Forest Service to recognize the Weetock as a official trail but they would not. The Forest Service also had a NC state archaeologist come in and survey the proposed and already blazed trail and many sections of the trail were declared archaeologically sensitive and needed to be rerouted. The trail has never rerouted to my knowledge but now the Forest Service declares it is a trail.

          Also I talked to a person who drove down the Oyster Point Forest Service Road leading to the southern trail head and he said the road was very derivable but the camp ground was closed.