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Croatan FF Closures due to Hurricane Florence

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  • Croatan FF Closures due to Hurricane Florence

    From the NF web site

    Note....this lists Pine Cliff Recreation Area and the Neusiok Trail as being closed

    Hurricane Florence recovery work on the Croatan National Forest makes good progress Tuesday

    Release Date: Oct 31, 2018

    New Bern, NC, Oct 31, 2018 – The crews and the team working on the Hurricane Florence recovery on the Croatan National Forest moved quickly toward their completion goals Tuesday. 4.9 more miles of roads were cleared of storm debris for a total of 135.6 miles of roads to date. Fifty-eight resources remain assisting in the recovery effort.

    The NIMO team managing the incident was given three priorities - 1. Clear and remove hazards from recreation sites, 2. Clear priority roads and trails to the forest standards and 3. Clear red cockaded woodpecker roads and access trails to the forests standards. The team is over 75% of the way toward completing these priorities.

    The 4.6 miles completed Tuesday were all in the Pinecliff area. Clearing was completed on Pinecliff Road and North Flybus, but work will continue today on Great Lakes and Siddie Field roads. Three more miles of the Yellow horse trail was also cleared of debris, for a total of 26.3 total miles of trails to date. Operations managers estimate saw work on the horse trails could be done by today, but it will be another 2 or 3 days before the excavator can get in to finish moving the larger logs off the trail.

    Ten more inserts for the red cockaded woodpecker were installed today for a total of 84 inserts. The inserts provide a replacement for the tree cavities needed for roosting and nesting, which were lost when trees were blown down in the hurricane.

    HUNTING: The number of members of the public contacted by law enforcement Tuesday was 51, with 6 incident reports, 3 written warnings and 3 verbal warnings. For information on hunting regulations in North Carolina, visit the NCWRC website at

    TRAILS: Weetock Trail and Patsy Pond Trail are open.

    RECREATION: The recreation areas of Haywood Landing Boat Launch, Cahooque Creek Boat Launch and Long Point Boat Launch have been opened.

    Current Croatan National Forest Closures
    The following Forest Service roads were all part of the closure order. Law enforcement will be patrolling those that remain closed

    Roads reopened:
    • All of Millis Road (128)
    • Pringle Road (6123)
    • Long Point (120)
    • Loopy (157)
    • Haywood Landing (146)
    • Dog Leg Road (3062)
    • Bender Road (766)
    • Hill Field Road (603)
    • Cahooque Creek (131)
    • Hunters Creek (144)
    • Holston Hunter (134)

    Existing Road closures:
    • Great Lake (126)
    • Fishers Landing (141)
    • Pinecliff Road (132)
    • Farrier Farm (121A)
    • Cedar Point (153A)
    • Siddie Fields (167)
    • Mill Branch Road (170)
    Oyster (181)
    • Flanners Beach (602)
    • Pine Grove (156)
    • Mattocks (606)
    • No Name Road (3011)
    • Cut Through Road (146A)
    Alligator Tram Road (124)

    Recreation areas reopened:
    • Haywood Landing Boat Launch
    • Long Point Boat Launch
    • Cahooque Creek Boat Launch
    Patsy Pond Trail
    • Weetock Trail

    Existing recreation area closures:
    • Brice Creek Boat Launch
    • Brice Creek Picnic Area
    • Black Swamp OHV Area
    • Cedar Point Boat Launch
    • Cedar Point Campground
    • Cedar Point Picnic
    • Cedar Point Tidelands
    • Fishers Landing
    • Flanners Beach
    • Flanners Beach Bike Trails
    • Flanners Beach Campground
    • Flanners Beach Picnic Area
    • Island Creek area
    • Newport River Boat Launch
    • Newport River Trailhead
    Neusiok Trail
    • Blue Trail
    • Yellow Trail
    • Oyster Point Campground
    • Pinecliff Horse Trails
    • Pinecliff Picnic Area
    • Pinecliff Recreation Area
    • Pinecliff Trailhead

    Siddie Fields