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  • Hurricane Flo Afternath

    Hurricane Florence is gone but her impact on the area will be with us for a long time.

    The wife and I along with our dog Sam evacuated the area. Told people that the rain and winds did not scare me but the possibility of a 9 to 13 ft store surge did. I have been around water most of my life as a life guard, Water Safety Instruction, PADI Dive Master, running a marina ect so I know and respect the power water can have.

    We stayed with our son in Raleigh for several days before returning home. Everything looked fairly normal until we got into New Bern and started to see the impact. Morehead City looked really bad, many buildings and homes damaged, roofs missing, trees looking like some one twisted them until they snapped.

    I live in down east North Carolina and we were without power for 10 days. Our house suffered some damage but it looks to be fixable. We also lost all our food in our freezers and fridge. We are lucky in that while the area did flood, I can not find any sign that the water came into out garage ( the house is about 4 feet off the ground ), different story for water getting in

    Thought about camping out in the back yard in our hammocks but as the skeeters have come out in force now and all our trees suffered some damage with broken limbs and branches everywhere. Told the wife that while 3 of our 4 Pecans trees have broken branches ect and one may have to be cut down to the least we will have lots of wood for the smoker.

    Have not had a chance to check on the conditions of the trail but from past experiences with hurricanes and the trail, I already know that there will be many fallen trees, board walks will have been damaged and or washed away and the section of trail along Pine Cliffs may have to be moved due to erosion along the cliffs. Also the skeeters are out in force and will remain so until we get a good freeze.

    I do want to thank all the folks who provided free hot meals at the Otway Fire Department. The wife and I got meals there two of the three nights they were set up,

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    Hi. I found this site today. I applaud your dedication to the trail!! Your site is great! I hope you and your neighbors have been able to continue to recover from Florence. We have a house in Marshallberg, so I understand what you are dealing with. My sister and I spent some time at the Marshallberg FD making meals and getting them out to the communtiy. The need is overwhelming. I took a ride to Cedar Island a week ago, and was amazed at the damage I saw. Heartbreaking.

    I am planning a thru hike Thanksgiving weekend or the following weekend. I do not see any trail reports post-Florence yet, but was wondering if you had and more recent info. Do the boardwalks/shelters usually have damage from flooding?

    Finally, just to prepare all of my logistics, I am headed SOBO - are there shuttle options? I see that you shuttle some. Would you be available during that time (I know Thanksgiving is a stretch!). Look forward to talking to you.

    (Don Quixote/DQ)


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      As the weather has cooled off and the skeeters seem to have died back, I am hopping to get out and check on the trail over the next couple of weeks. I will be posting what I find out about trail conditions.