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  • TOS or Terms of Service

    Forum Rules: TOS : Terms of Service

    I believe in the KISS principle ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) and am going to keep the rules as simple as possible.

    1. Keep it friendly. Its OK to disagree with someone but keep your comments civil.

    2. This is not a political forum. Political discussions are not allowed.

    3. Firearms/rifles/handguns ect. This is not the place to discuss them. Lots of forums for that elsewhere. I am a retired Marine so I do not have a problem with people owning and using firearms, this just is not the place to discuss them.

    4. Keep it clean. This is not the place for lewd rude and or crude language.

    5. I check all IP address from where you registered to join the forum. If the IP address comes up positive for being from a spammer/hackers address; I will delete you from the forum.

    6. Violators are subject to having their post(s) removed without notice and being banned from the forum.

    7. Rules are subject to being changed with out notice. I will listen to all comments on how to improve the forum rules and or other recommended changes to the forum but as this is my forum; I have the final say.
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