Best time to hike the trail ?

The best time to hike this trail is during the cooler months of the year. During the warm/hot summer months the heat and humidty plus the deer flies and mosquitoes can make for a very unpleasant hikling experience.

Getting lost on the trail..

It's hard to get lost on this this trail. The trail is well blazed and along with signs at major turns it is hard to get lost. Look for the rectanglular alumminum strips on the trees to help guide you. If you don't see a blaze in front of you then turn around and look behind you.


Camping on the trail

While much of the trail goes thru extremly dense areas of brush, there are still lots of places to camp out along the trail and or at the shelters.


Welcome to my site

When I started hiking the trail there was very little information about the trail. I figured that if I was looking for information on the trail then others would be too. The information on this site is as accurate and uptodate as I can make it but you still use it at your own risk. Check out the NT Forum for the most up todate information and if you have a question please join the forum ( it does not cost anything ) and I will try to answer your questions or refer you to someone who can. I no longer answer emailed questions, so please post them on the forum. If you find something wrong on the site then please let me know so I can correct it.


Trail News & Happenings

Feb 2017
The forum is up and running

If you have a question, please go to the forum to ask it. I will not be answering emailed questions related to the trail anymore as that is what the forum is for. The reason for this change is that others will find your questions and the answers very helpful and save me from answering the same questions over and over and others may be able to offer some insight on things I missed. Thank you.

May 2017
Deer Flies

Good news...we have had some great hiking weather lately. The bad news is that the Deer Flies are out in force. A good bug spray will help and the Deer Flies will be happy to let you know what areas the spray missed. I have orderd a head bug net to wear and will be giving it a try to see if it helps. Thses flies will be present until sometime in September or October depending on the weather. So far very few mosquitoes but they will be out soon.

May 2016
Ospreys Nesting

Ospreys are now nesting on top of a dead tree along the Neuse River and part of the trail. If are hiking along the Pine Cliffs section of the trail the nest will be easy to spot and mama Osprey ( I assume its the mother ) will let you know she is not happy with you being close to the nest.