Best time to hike the trail ?

The best time to hike this trail is during the cooler months of the year. During the warm/hot summer months the heat and humidty plus the deer flies and mosquitoes can make for a very unpleasant hikling experience.

Getting lost on the trail..

It's hard to get lost on this this trail. The trail is well blazed and along with signs at major turns it is hard to get lost. Look for the rectanglular alumminum strips on the trees to help guide you. If you don't see a blaze in front of you then turn around and look behind you.


Camping on the trail

While much of the trail goes thru extremly dense areas of brush, there are still lots of places to camp out along the trail and or at the shelters.


Welcome to my site

When I started hiking the trail there was very little information about the trail. I figured that if I was looking for information on the trail then others would be too. The information on this site is as accurate and uptodate as I can make it but you still use it at your own risk. Check out the NT Forum for the most up todate information and if you have a question please email me and I will try to answer your questions or refer you to someone who can. If you find something wrong on the site then please let me know so I can correct it.

The hiker in the banner picture is my youngest son Jeff who would often hike with me before he got a new job as an IT Tech and moved out of the area. He said he only went hiking with me becuase of the snacks I shared and the hot chocolate I made when we took a break

Videos of the trail

I will try and change out the video here on a regular basis.

Something different. This just happened a few days ago in the Linville Gorge. What is not mentioned is that one of the hikers is an EMT and I am sure was able to offer some on the spot first aid. Imagine what could have happend if the injured hiker had not been with a group. I use to hike the Linville Gorge in the early 70's and there are lots of places there where a fall would get you killed.

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Trail News & Happenings

April 2016
We got hacked

A few months ago, this site was taken down by hackers. I have laid low hoping they would lose insterest and move on. Changed all the passwords and have been changing them on a regular basis. Decided it was time to get the site back on line. I did receive an email from the hosting company there was a recent attemp to hack the site again and the IP address is from Russia.

I am working on correcting images that do not want to load and broken links. If you find any, please let me know so I can fix the problem.

I still have to re install the forum so that link is not working at this time. I should have it back up with in the next two weeks.

20 Aug 2015
New parking lot

The work on the new hikers parking lot on Hwy 101 is finished. No more parking on the shoulders of a busy highway. The parking area is on the south bound side of Hwy 101 and has room for 4 to 6 cars/trucks. Located where the tail crosses Hwy 101. Thanks to the NCDOT, Croatan NF and the Carteret County Wildlife Club for making it possible.

March 2016
Mile Markers

Someone has installed mile marker posts along the trail. They are about 3 feet high with the mile number routed into the post and there is a plastic sign attached with the GPS coordinates. If you know who installed these, please let me know so we can give them credit.